How to close portals of demon kings in your life?

Somebody made it?

Definitely close the portals that joined you to some entities that you no longer want to be in your life?

How did you open them?

Talk to the entity about it. People act like theyre pests. But they are more like business partners.

A younger looking spirit attached from a oujia board and was haunting me. I got rid of the attachment by talking to her and apologizing for promising to come back and then never speaking to her again. Obviously shes gonna be upset. She thought she made a friend, which she did, and i was a shitty friend.

So i asked if she wanted to be remembered as in would she appreciate an offering made to her at the cemetary she is buried in

i figured she was orthodox by the clothes she wore so i bought some jesus and archangel michael candles and burned them with some incense for her. After that idk if she still hangs around but she stopped hauntin me.

Treat them like normal people, the spirit will more likely want to teach and work with people that actually want his/her help and will be willing to sever the attachment. It helps to offer like a severance gift. They did agree to help you, this is kindness shown to you, return it before you try to just drop the connection.

Tl;dr dont leave spirits on read, break things off the proper way