How to cleanse and consecrate candles and other ritual tools

Just want to ask how to cleanse and consecrate ritual tools like candles and other tools to be used for black magick?

There’s this thing called Google ya know.

any beginner book has an introduction to the subject

Candles can be purified in salt water. Other tools can be purified by visualizing impurities leaving them when rinsing them in water. They can also be consecrated through incense smoke.

Call me a Charlatan but I dont tend to consecrate my gear. I make/buy/modify my gear specifically for Magical purposes and only use them for that. Their existence is, was and forever, purely for magical purposes, so by their very nature they are consecrated for a specific purpose. This is of course for new items, for acquired, old or otherwise used items then I use simple ritual consecrations.

You can use generic consecrations but really a tool only needs to be cleansed if it is dirty. Once it is clean, if it is used for specific purposes it will ‘consecrate’ itself by its use.

I kind of look at it as training the item. In the Wiccan Tradition that I was trained in we would sprinkle with water/salt, put through incense, candle flame and pressed onto the Pentacle as an elemental cleansing, then the tool was presented to the Quarters for a blessing:

‘I call upon Earth to bind this Spell,
Air, speed its travel well,
Fire, give it Spirit from above,
Water, quench my spell with Love’

Amongst other things. But the most important thing was to Use the the item, right then and there, for its purpose. It is the use, or training, of the item that was important. Clean it of old ideas and show it what to do.

I dont consecrate ‘consumables’ like quarter candles and incense, but I do consecrate the vessels and specific items for a spell.

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