How to choose and form a bond with a spirit to help me with magick

Hey guys!

I’ve been meditating and dabbling into magick for many years. Meditation has been giving me some good experiences, but concerning magick, I’ve been a total failure. Thus, I realized, magick would get easier if I had a spirit companion/familiar to work with me.

Question 1 – According to you experience, what is the best spirit to start with? It may be and angel, demon, god, any spirit; I don’t discriminate.

Question 2 - What’s the easiest way to forming a bond with such spirit?

Question 3 - Are there any magicians here who can make this bonding process easier for me, like introducing me to the spirit, initiating me, or something? I could pay for the work, if the price is not abusive.

Note: I Know the answers will vary, but nothing better than hear from experienced magicians, in order to design my own action plan.

Thank you very much.

First, figure out what you want to do with magic. Then take a look at spirits that are good in that particular domain. As far as easiest way to form a bond with the spirit, it is best to narrow down who you think you might want to start working with first. Divination and dreams are good first steps to get to know most spirits.


Q1 - I think it differs from person to person really, I would suggest you start with anyone you find interesting/useful to you. That way you have a plausible reason to do the invocation. You’ll often be surprised who will bring wonders into your life.

Q2 - Spending time or working with them of course, and staying consistent. Many nights I just have conversations with them to pass the time if anything. Offerings help too.

Q2 - Yes, having someone introduce you can make it easier however it doesn’t necessarily guarantee that you’ll have a good relationship with said spirit. It’s more so going off someone else repertoire/vouch than anything. Spirits have the capability to form opinions and judgments of you regardless of your connections.


Good tips on building a trusted foundation with the entity you want to work with keep the channel alive :pray:t4:


question 1:it can be a demon or pagan god,the best choice is a spirit what do you admire and reflect what you want to be or one which you consider useful .for example: i admire to lilith for she is a perfect balance between lechery and wisdom
if you have ron,coffee or cigarrettes,baron samedi is a good choice.he is friendly,lucifuge rofocale,clauneck or odin they are also good options
question 2 offer things her/him like and say what are your purposes and why do you call it, it’s a good choice to start,if it spirit is of the opposite gender can you declared your love to it spirit,give it romantic things and be his/her lover,but it has to be someone you like and admire.make your decision well. it’s hard at first time but it has make me very happily,if you choose this option.personally i guarantee you that haing a spirit as your lover is priceless. will make you very happy
question 3:technically i am in the same situation

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as for the last two questions.maybe this is helpful: .good luck