How to charge your seals and increase the energy of your systems

What I am proposing to you is a method that can serve you to increase the vibration of your seals
The procedure is very simple,
1 Once you have created your seal, get some greaseproof paper and cut it out a little larger than your seal
2 Get yourself a Ferrite magnet (NO DEODYMIUM)
3 Get some black copy paper

4 Place the wax paper on your seal
5 On top of the wax paper, place a piece of carbon paper with the carbon side on the wax paper
6 Take the ferrite magnet and start rubbing the carbon paper for a few minutes, with very fast rotary movements
after a few minutes your sigil will be charged with just enough energy to cast your spell.

Try it yourself, the results will improve

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:thinking: I think I have all those things in the house.

But why not neodymium? Those are supercharged. You can get a 75 pound magnet about the size of a quarter… and 300 pound is still easy to put in you pocket.

Might be fun to charge the sigil for a servitor with a big neodymium :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I got a pkg of reg iron magnets from the hardware store :face_with_monocle: Have to think of a simple test. Now the weekend is over and time for work again

Ferrite is the most suitable, you can also try neodymium but by measuring you will find that the results are distinctly different.
The ferrite one holds the charge longer