How to channel demonic God's

There are done people who can just telepath and receive answers that instant.

How may I mimic those same results. And if it’s mediate you clarify how and what to mediate on

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They probably either have a very strong connection to the spirit or have invoked the spirit prior to the channeling session, possibly to the point of partial or full possession.

To mimic - Invocation. Perform an invocation like this one -
if there’s one specific to the spirit that’s better.
The more you do it the easier it gets. And invoking or working a lot with the same spirit repeatedly forms the connection

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Probably there is a mechanism of internal alchemy. By invoking different demons your body will be changed more and more. Is somehow progressive. The gateopeners are totally important to work with. Beside that open lots of Vortex to speed up the process: personalyze sigils, use candles, do rituals, some energies are stronger at night or day. You can use backwind (on a hill for example) to empower demonic enns.

This. You form a telepathic connection with them and learn their signature then you can connect.

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