How to break free from Christ and Jehovah?

Hi Eric.

I come from a very devout Catholic family and until five years ago i was raised catholic. However, when i converted to paganism, this made the egregores known as christ and jehovah to become furious with me. I have become well versed and experienced in magical arts, especially those rituals involving certain Pagan Gods/Goddesses who i love and adore. Here is my problem: every time I do a ritual with one of my Deities and get a material blessing from them, the thoughtforms known as christ and jehova undo their blessing. You can call it a reversal. They do this because they are pissed off that i left christianity( which i hate to death along with judaism and islam. I acknowledge all of these as religions for sheep). It is my deities themselves that tell me that those abrahamic entities are reversing their blessings as they are pissed that i am not getting such blessings from them.
Please help me Eric. I am desperate.I plead to you, a master who is above myself in spiritual knowledge, for advise on how I can break free completely from christ and jehovah . I really hate them. I do not want to go to them. My deities always support me against my enemies and love me to death. Christ and jehovah are trying to frustrate me and tell me, ‘’ there is no point in you being with those deities because i will just reverse what they do for you.’’

These abrahamic beings have tormented me lots. If my pagan deities gave me a lovely woman for romance and made her fall heads over heels in love with me, then these abrahamic beings will make her hate me.
If a get a great job through my deities, then the abrahamic beings will as usual influence the minds of the people who offered me the job and i end up not getting the job i wanted.

Help me please, Eric.