How to best avoid parasites and imposter spirits?

I did a different style ritual last night, didn’t feel a whole lot going on but someone here was willing to give a scan afterwards and saw a couple parasitic spirits around. I’m not sure how that would happen because I used 2 different sigils for a specific spirit and also a drawing of that spirit plus intent was only focused on one spirit as well. So with all that I don’t know what else I’m supposed to do to avoid having unwanted visitors popping in and getting in the way. I already commanded anything I hadn’t called that had any negative intentions to leave and I’m going to do a general cleaning of the entire area later.

I was planning on a ritual involving Eisheth Zenunim in a few days but I’d like to get any underlying issues sorted out beforehand. I’d rather not do a banishing all the time simply because I want to have the energy of spirits I actually call around but I don’t want randoms coming around and getting in my way.


Shield yourself and make boundaries(ground your shield/boundaries into the earth and ask Gaia to help you, you’ll feel her emotions if you cant communicate yet), and make an agreement with a powerful spirit like Belial or Lucifer for protection.

also think of this aboriginal saying when dealing with parasites or reprogramming your own subconcious/thoughtforms

"Inside you lives a wolf of white—
of patience, peace and love.
He is forgiveness, hope and light;
a blessing from above.
This wolf of white the world will see
through all the good he brings to thee.
_____This wolf of white,
_____this wolf of white,
his gifts will set your spirit free.

A wolf of black, as dark as night
lives next to him inside.
He’s hatred, rage, cruelty, fright,
intolerance and pride.
This wolf of black the world will see
through evil actions, evil deeds.
_____This wolf of black,
_____this wolf of black,
his teeth will make your spirit bleed.

Within your soul, the two wolves fight
to see which one will give
directions and will win the right
to show you how to live.
Which one will win the fight? We need
to pay attention; pay close heed!
_____Which one will win?
_____Which one will win
depends upon which one we feed."


I do basic aura cleansing but shielding is something I think I need to improve on. I already have the initial steps on creating a relationship with Lucifer so I’ll try to speak to him about it during a meditation and see how much of a response I can pick up.

That’s interesting you brought up thoughtforms though because I did some searches through the forum and I’m wondering if I’m battling those. I tend to get stressed out a lot and don’t handle it the best way so if I can get a handle on that then maybe it’s just a matter of starving them out.


Lilith was actually who my last ritual was focusing on and who I’ve mostly been trying to connect with because I feel a very strong pull to her that I don’t so much with other spirits. And certainly shadow working is something that I’m very interested in.

I have a spray bottle of rosemary oil and sea salt I use as a spiritual cleanser periodically. And I have a pouch of amethyst, clear quartz and obsidian that I keep around as far as crystals go. I’m not big on circles but I haven’t tried using the crystals along corners before working so I might give that a go. Maybe can smudge corners a little before each go but I don’t know if that would be too strong, I don’t want to make it unwelcoming to the spirit I’m calling.

Accept the parasites they’re beings too!!:sob:



you can make the circle a barrier to only the spirits that were messing with you

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I use a banishing ritual, but I’m traditional.



If you can vampirise the parasite’s energy ( SAFELY ). Breathe in energy from all sides of your body, or at least from the direction you sense the parasite is at, taking it into the aura, body, etc.
Again, only if you know it is not poisonous, sickly, prickly, etc.
Better yet, if you got a crystal, or some other intermediary tool, object ( an enemy, for laughs ), you can use it to drain the parasite’s energy into it, and do what you want with it.
Also, you can visualize a grounding energy cord from the earth, connect it to the parasite, and drain it into the earth, using visualizing and intention.
Some possibilities.


When you create an effect on the astral you are also attracting those types of things as if you were a beacon in the dark. Lights mean lunch.

Are you banishing? If so, are you banishing effectively?

I had not been making a habit of banishing simply because I wanted what I called to stick around if they wanted. I did LBRP today followed by salt and rosemary cleansing, I was only planning on cleansing but during meditation I picked up an unknown presence along with feeling zapped of energy, so I envisioned burning its astral body in flames then did LBRP followed by cleansing and finally did a meditation on the Om krim kalikayai namah mantra while setting up a ward and shield.

Seems to be gone now as my energy and overall mood has greatly improved but I’m going to follow up in the morning with sage and more sea salt just to make sure.


Well damn. That should do it. I love it.

That’s outstanding. I do something similar using the sign of Horus. It really does work well to obliterate rogue thoughtforms, so much so that I don’t know why it is not being discussed more. Very nice.