How to begin to sense energy?

Bare with me as I am “new” and have lots of questions. One of my goals for my magickal endeavors is to begin to communicate and work with deities, spirits, and hopefully demons. I know that this requires a basic way to communicate with them such as telepathy or such. I find myself commonly thrown into the dichotomy of “where do I begin to learn??” And “how do I separate obsession or imagination from actual entities?”. And this is what I’m asking. Anyone who sees this, how did you begin to sense energies and seek out entities or spirits? How can you talk to them? How can you tell what they want from you, or if they want anything from you at all?

Get the book " Energy Work" by Robert Bruce. Very good book, detailed and informative.


Internal awareness first by meditating on your on energy and its flow


Using every sense you have to feel and listen. Every thought you have isn’t necessarily your creation, it’s the spirit or demons. Even if it seems really absurd, it’s still something.

When you’re meditation and deepening yourself before you go into actual ritual part, try falling. You know when you’re about to fall asleep and sometimes it’ll feel like you’re free falling? That’s you slipping into the deeper waves of consciousness. Try ‘falling’ as you breathe, and keep a keen sense out for the energy in the room and it’s changes as you fall deeper.

Good luck! Remember it’s really all just practice, practice, practice!


I only speak for myself, but practicing Qigong for a year or more helped me start to sense energy, and using a pendulum helped start to feel different emotions or moods attached to the energy of whoever I was communicating with.

This also lead to my clairaudience opening up as I would start to RECIEVE the answers in my head before the pendulum would start swinging, and the weight or whatever would give me the mood of those responses.

Early on the pendulum helped me a lot actually.

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