How to become a Living God according to E.A Koetting

To become a LIVING GOD you need to achieve 3 things

'1. DIVINATION is the First Godlike Power. It is
omniscience. Know anything, anytime! Become all-knowing.

  1. EVOCATION is the Second Godlike Power. It is
    omnipotence. Get anything, anytime. Become all-powerful.

  2. SOUL TRAVEL is the Third Godlike Power. It is
    omnipresence. Be anywhere, anytime. Become all present.’


Just because this is his path, doesn’t make it my path. According to what he teaches, a person also needs to go through the nine gates to become a part of the Infernal Empire.

It simply isn’t so.

He’s not the male witch of all male witches. He’s good at what he does. He teaches universal truths, as I have heard the same things from other people.

Even those that are more practiced in my life say this isn’t always possible. Or practical. As sometimes, you need to step away from magick to heal, to overcome life challenges. Magick doesn’t fix everything and sometimes you have to work through the pains of life in a very human way.

I’ll always respect what he states, yet; I will draw my own conclusions to how to get to Godhood.


As they say, there are many paths up the mountain. One’s path to Apotheosis is not going to be the same as another. But these are not bad skills to develope in my eyes.


Is there a question here? I am unclear as to why you posted this or where you wishing to discuss how we feel about these statements? :slight_smile:

If it’s discussion I agree that it’s useful to have these skills, but they are not a catch all for becoming a great magician imop.


I will say this, I have nothing but mad respect for him as a witch.

There are a lot of his skills I learned from his videos and have adapted them to my own. However, I cannot shout from the rooftops and say, “I love you, man!”

'Cause that would put me in the insane category!

Wow, lots of tangets going on inside my brain. But take what he gives and make it your own.

Just wooooow, my head. FINE!

His favorite art are those who acsend themselves.


Yeah, I have the book too.

The term living god has become distrustingly used in my opinion and these skills are often overinflated by people.

However I agree with @jennaelizabeth



You always keep us humble!

…To me your a god/goddess if your in control of your own mind set. Like the last good king of Rome once said, There only two things you control in your life in that is YOUR OWN MIND & YOUR OWN ACTIONS.

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If there’s one thing I can’t stand - it’s heretics!
You go and wash the sinful hands which allowed you to type this.
I feel your shame.




  1. This IS NOT a religious organization and I am allowed to make my own decisions with my life regarding magick. So, if I choose to go against the grain - there is a reason for it.

  2. What we feel about others is sometimes a direct reflection on ourselves. You may want to take a look at your own life, before you start pointing fingers at another.

Another thing - it’s not nice to bark out orders. Especially when you know NOTHING of the other person.

If you would like to continue discussion of this, you may PM me. I have said nothing wrong and only stated my opinion.

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I apologize, someone informed me you were joking with me. Sometimes, I am little to serious for my own good. :flushed::crazy_face:

In that case, I’ll wash my hands in the blood of my own heretic heart.

Tootles. :wave:



I apologise for being a joker, but sometimes I just can’t help myself.



:heartbeat::heartbeat: Please do not apologize for being you, Brother!

Next time, I’ll know!