How to be susceptible to hypnosis?

Hi I’ve been watching vids on hypnotic regression and things like that.

Like things people out find out from sessions would be some entity attachment ruining peoples lives, feeding of their fear. They apparently get rid of them through hypnotic regression.

Now the person doing the hypnotherapy had some videos to see if you’re susceptible to hypnotherapy.

I find that I am not and would like to be so how can I be susceptible?


Altered states of consciousness. Allow yourself to be unguarded and not have to be right about everything - iow be open minded.

Altered States of Consciousness methods
Fasting (3 day maximum for beginners)
Sleep deprivation (set target at 72-96 hours)
Exercise to state of exhaustion and then do more
Take a sleeping pill and stay awake


Simply be bored. . Look yourself in the mirror between your brow. All while preferably have a meditated unto void state and or doing it immediately after waking up really early 3 or 4 in the morning. And the same practice before sleep.

Rince and repeat until you have reached what you wanted.


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Framing might be important here.

“Susceptible” sometimes carries a negative tone.

It really comes down to being “open to suggestion” (hypnosis).

To be more open you’ll need to feel secure about what’s going on and have an element of trust. Feel safe to let go and listen to the hypnotic suggestion(s).

Relaxation is important here.

You might try self hypnosis before bed when you’re tired.

Find something you like, get comfortable, get relaxed, trust the process and see what happens.

You might give some ASMR videos a whirl. Imo, there’s an element of hypnosis to a lot of them.

Self hypnosis plays right into magic.


If you can pretend well enough to enjoy a movie you’re in

I usually want to smack the fucktard in the room going “LOL I LOVE NICHOLAS CAGE!!! DID YOU KNOW HE’S ACTUALLY A BREAKDANCER FOR THE BOLIVIAN MAFIA!? LOOOOOOOOOOOOL! I THINK THE CINEMATOGRAPHER NEEDS TO LEARN WHAT REAL PRODUCTION LOOKS LIKE! THIS FRAMERATE MAN!!! MY DAD WAS A FILM MAJOR BY THE WAY” or something similar while you’re trying to watch a movie. Like shut up man, you’re killing my immersion… Let the magick happen

If you can explore different ways of thinking and seeing things from different angles without going “nuh uh!!” I’m just lying on a couch and they’re a quack!" then you can be hypnotized. If you’re going “nah this is bullshit” or the worst one “man I HOPE that works!!” then you’ve rejected the process language. If you can let them help you paint scenery in your mind then you’re good to go

Something that can help is daydreaming or watching POV footage of someone skydiving or driving something really well and pretend its you doing it. If you relate to my retarded friend who has to keep in mind that he’s looking at a screen at all times and remind everyone else too then try stepping into imagination land like you’re 10

If you’re really stubborn then ask yourself “What would it be like if all that were really me?” and let your mind imagine all of it as vividly as you can. Really go there to the point of feeling it emotionally. It’s just imagination and everyone but the most boring of people have one

I dare you to not visualize being on a rollercoaster as intensely as you can for the next 2 minutes


Every bit of this applies to magick rituals as well by the way. Tremendously so