How to be alerted to livestream

It’s probably really obvious, but how can I find information on when E.A does his livestreams? I’d like to participate in the chat section

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You see the icon that’s darker next to reply - that bookmarks the thread so you don’t have to “follow” - it then puts it into your bookmarks in your private area where you find messages etc.

There is no follow/ignore a member on this site presently.

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YouTube is weird about that sort of stuff I think if you see it before it goes live you can set a reminder

That is assuming you mean YouTube livestreams

If you are talking YouTube. Click the notification bell :bell:.

Thank you, I must have missed out on the tutorial I’ve heard is around here for the forum, I just recieved a helpful links pm

Sorry I should have been more clear - yes I mean on YouTube. Does E.A post some for example “going live tomorrow at 8pm”

If your subscribed to his channel and have clicked on the notifications bell

I’ll get the notification that he is livestreaming if I do that - I’m just wanting to know does he actually put out a post for example saying “I’ll be doing a live stream at 4pm on tuesday”

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Yes he generally does

Where and when does he do it? I’m trying to keep tabs on what is happening so I can be ready for the livestream

I cant seem to find any posts alerting people to planned livestreams

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I just subscribed on YouTube and I get notified you get an email and an alert from youtube

Ok I think I’m not being clear heh. I get notifications atthe time of the stream. But it’s useless if I’m in my car or not at a computer. I am asking does he send out notifications days before it happens so I can be ready. I’m scrolling through the Facebook page, there is no mention of impending livestreams.

Yes usually a day or two ahead of time

Thankyou Arianna :slight_smile:

Subscribe then click the little bell icon and follow his page on Facebook