How to Awaken a Spiritually Dead Person

Due to my LIFE, I have become emotionless (its here and there in pieces but nothing solid) and that also comes with the price of being Spiritually Dead.
I can’t do magic, I can’t see the future(deja vu) entities don’t interact with me, and everything is gone. I don’t even have dreams that much anymore.

It has been 2 years… I could do a lot before this time… but now the only thing I can do is think of the most horrible things happening to me and others(well mainly me)
And most of the time they happen.
I’m slightly scared.
Could someone PLEASE guide me?


Suffering from depression are you?
First perhaps you should stop thinking about these horrible things and maybe they will stop happening to you?

And what help are you seeking? Be specific please.


Depression and spiritual flatness, lack of energy, creates thinking about horrible things, it IS possible to stop but I doubt OP is doing that for shits n’ giggs… :thinking:

@Ravenxoxo begin by calling on Hathor, simple prayer but not like to an almighty sky daddy, like you’re sending a voice message to a wise older sister who can help you, use the image on her Wikipedia page for now to link to her, and if you have a white candle or tealight, light this in her honour.

Ask her to liberate you from however you personally describe this state and to bring you back to joy and power.

Also try this:

Concentrate on feeling the vibrations of the sound, don’t worry about energy or anything at this stage, and do it x 3 to begin with.

Also, those horrible thought - think “Cancel Cancel” in your mind (even say it out loud if that’s possible) and then return your thoughts to something more pleasant that you find compelling, could be a sexy person (actor, model whatever) or something positive and not depressing or disempowering.

Avoid exposing yourself to things that make you feel powerless, for example it might be a good idea to see how you feel after any social media, watching the news, etc., these things may not be helpful to you right now, and don’t listen to any depressing music, find some uplifting music, anything from euphoric EDM to Kitaro to classics. :thumbsup:


Also, make the decision that this ends now - all kinds of things can help someone, but that decision to Do Something About It seems to be key, so decide if you’re ready, maybe write it in a journal or diary if you keep one, or find a ritual to mark it - this might help:


Time to get angry friend. We may not believe ourselves spiritual as we think others see it. Anyways…

Lets get the happy part out of the way first. Lack of emotions is caused by your nervous and muscular system combined with perhaps a nihilistic viewpoint that prevents your spinal cord and brain from distracting you and flowing some mood altering chemicals through your system.

In other words, stretch and relax then slap a smile on your face and pretend you are happy. The dreams and worries will dissipate. Eat some B12 and iron. Now, when you get tired of faking being happy, and it will happen, cause being all happy all the time makes no damn sense, get angry.

Now I know you can get angry. Anger balances out the fake happy.

Get your anger going and get yourself in gear. Whatever you want, go get it. Focus on your magic. YOUR magic, as in your meditation. Your mind. Your power.


So you can still do magick. What you just described is magick. Have faith.


Everyone here gave you some good tips. What worked for me years ago was going to Krav Maga.

Yep, just plain old martial arts. I never missed a single day of it, and along with the decision to change myself and my life around, it worked beautifully.

Start something like boxing, MMA, or whatever, that lets you hit shit, and improve your body.

As you improve your body, your thoughts will follow and make it much easier to change them.

As above so below. :slight_smile:


@Ravenxoxo If you really have problems PM me. I have ideas.

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Spiritual help, to be not so spiritually dead.

Thank you for the brilliant suggestion.

Thank you for these suggestions. I have never tried to summon any entity so I don’t know whether I should try it or not. I used to be good at well Idk what magic is that, visualising things coming true.

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Thank you, I will do that.

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I do feel angry sometimes, like I said I do feel sometimes but it’s here and there in bits and pieces…
Getting angry actually doesn’t help much because I cannot hold onto the anger for too long. It’s too strong for me to handle and then it dies like something alive.

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Hathor is a benevolent goddess and one of the oldest goddesses whose worship persists to this day, she’s not a scary hell demon or anything like that, so you should be safe - she was a guardian of childbirth and of lovers among her many other qualities. :heart_decoration:


Vampirize like your life depends on it. And meditate. Find some nice relaxing music and just sink into yourself.


Interesting advice. Can’t say I don’t agree.

Usually this is a sign that the shadow self is full and spilling over. Increasing signs of depression and lack of magical access. I suggest starting an emotional journal. This way when you are feeling these feelings you are expressing them. It helpped me alot getting them out of myself. Also after a while you can start uncovering the root issues of what is causing you to feel this way. Then you can start tackling the problems bit by bit.


It’s like a pendulum, always in motion.

Pendulum swings in one direction and you can sustain faking happiness for a while.
Pendulum reaches its maximum height and starts going in the other direction, so you get tired of ‘happy’ and your mood sours.

The key, for your practice, is to keep the pendulum moving! If you halt the pendulum midway through the swing, you lose your emotion.

Force the opposite emotion, like get angry, and the motion, or emotion continues.

Back and forth, repeat. You can even do this within a few minutes. Fake happy for a minute, then allow yourself to go neutral, then get angry. Believe it and the emotions become real. That’s how it works.

It works for any emotional opposite pairs, including emotion vs no emotion. Lack of emotion is a powerful emotion as well! It has its place! Especially in certain types of magic.

Also lack of emotion is important when you need to turn your anger or happiness OFF and deal with life situations. I am not telling you to become bipolar or to reinforce bipolar behavior. No, I am asking you to play with emotions, learn to manifest them in you, and control your life.

Consider it part of your magic training. It takes will.

Emotion is power. It drives you and your magic, you just have to get that pendulum swinging.


It doesn’t seem possible to hold onto any emotion. I do feel anger just for a little while, same for all emotions… It’s so laughable.

What is shadow self?