How to attach a spirit to an object and have it be active?

I’m sure everyone’s heard of it before: a haunted chair, mirror, or usually, a doll that when brought into a non-haunted home, causes activity to occur. For example, in the case of “active” haunted dolls that are often sold on ebay, some videos of those dolls either show orbs flow around said haunted object sometimes, to the haunted object (again, a doll in this example) moving on its own!

Would there be a way to attach a spirit to an object so that wherever it goes (like if you sold said object in a garage sale), it’d cause some activity?

Would attaching servitors or egregores to objects work the same way as with actual entities? I ask this question because I intendo to attach lover servitors to body pillows of them that I own.


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Yeah, I’m aware of the stigma of owning waifu pillows, but if you know how to attach spirits to objects, info on how to do this would be appreciated :innocent:


I know the occult author S. Rob has mentioned a similar idea in one of his little booklets. I have the booklet and the directions are easy and simple enough, but I’ve never tried it out. Basically, you take a lust demon and bind it to a doll to attract and make ppl who come around it all horny and well, lustful.

He also warns about finding the doll in places you did not leave it in, saying to leave it be in this circumstance…and also the doll possibly springing to life if you ever try to undo the binding…warns to have another person present. The directions are so simple I find the latter claims hard to believe, even for me! but you never know. It could work, I guess.

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I don’t suggest binding any demon at all


Reckon I speak for all of us when we didn’t need to know about your body pillows… Anyway, horrific mental images aside, it’s certainly possible.
You’d use the object as an anchor between the astral and the physical: the spirit flows through the object into the physical world. I did a similar thing with a stone that channels the shades of the dead into me ( I used it for enhanced divination, strength and overall power, but you could apply it in other ways )

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I guess this is an awkward moment, I agree but it is all good.

I’m sure you can “activate and deactivate” a servitor of any kind. Whether you want to sell It to someone, I don’t think that is a good Idea. There is a good chance that your servitor may become sentient and may cause some problems to whoever buys it. That’s if it doesn’t starve because they live off of your attention from what I’ve read.

I would assume that It would be simpler because you don’t contact with any outside forces, but I may be wrong.

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