How to astral project/travel for a complete beginner

im looking to astral travel but i have absolutely no idea how.

im 18, been doing hindu mantras for around 3 years (not consistently) so im not COMPLETELY new to spirituality.

any advice, resources, etc?

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@C.Kendall has a really good method. I started mixing some of his techniques with my own and it was honestly a huge game changer. I’ll see if I can find the link.

Ha! Got it. Lol I wasnt sure I’d remember the title.
Ok so it’s not to astral project… but it is about soul travel. Which I think could still be of interest to you.

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Get soul travel course from EA koettin. He will teach you everything meditation , chakras working and the information, visualization.
It’s 50% discount this month.
I never astral projected before but with in 1 week after I bought his course I feel so weird and ready to just pop out of my body :smiley:


Also you can ask @Lady_Eva for her tutorial on core shamanism if you haven’t already yet, as i’m sure it will be most helpful with this, and if you can’t afford the soul travel course then you can get a copy of the Become A Living God eBook as it has excellent exercises in it for soul travel, not bad for 20 bucks.