How to ally yourself with the death current?

How does a newbie do so? How do you get plugged into the current?


The reason I ask, is not that I want to delve into necromancy or start worshipping Saturn, but supposedly Saturn/Binah/Satariel has a lot to teach. But, you either have to work up to that in path working, or get plugged into a similar current, in my understanding.

Though baneful magic and necromancy should be covered by every adept or magus.

Evoke a deity of death to initiate you


To ally yourself with death current you can get skull bone from animal or a genuine kapala skull to work with it on an altar. Alternatively you can try to get a necromantic thai praï amulet or fetish amulet made by black skirt ajarn…some of them have hundred of cemetaries channel and many dead spirit link to them if genuine and not fake. It is like a portable cemetary.Ixaxaar has offered some of them in the past but can be easily round online…
Sleep and/or meditate into an abandoned vault / cemetary / death place /abandoned house etc or just with kapala and doing aghori ritual to call lord of dead…I can explain such ritual in more details for those interested. It can be a very disturbing practice for people not well prepared for such intensity…


This sounds pretty interesting, please, explain it in details. Is there any source in english?

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I’m also interested, can you PM me for details please?