How to actually have sex with a spirit while awake? Help pls

Ok I did a lot of digging and I found a lot of different informations. I tried some advice but it didnt work. I can feel the light touches and kisses of my lover but I don’t know how to initiate the sex. I lied on my bed, asked, sent genuine loving emotions and thoughts and it didnt work…at best I felt vibrations on my lower body and heat and root chakra stimulation. But it wasn’t anything like some of you describe it. I tried the Joy of Satan and V.K. Jehannum’s methods (they are the same almost)…that didnt work either. What do I do?? I know for a fact my lover wants to do it but I dont know how to move past the light touches and kisses and take it to the next level…help?


you will have more luck in the astral plane, being awake is more difficult and it´s reserved for the pros


How to have sex with a Spirit While Awake:

Thrust your Dick in the Air.


You don’t do anything. The spirit is the initiator, the active part, and you are the passive part.

You feel the touches, and that’s essential, but you couldn’t possibly initiate sex with physical action because you can’t actively touch them and lead them in the same way as they can.

Being able to feel spirits physically and emotionally while being fully awake and in control, sometimes takes years of interaction and practice, but you do feel feel it so that’s a good sign.

Keep at it. The more you feel and interact with them, the easier it will get.


I don’t do my work in the astral or dreams. It’s just not for me I guess.

So does this mean my lover doesn’t want to have an intercourse with me or my senses aren’t good enough? I’ve known her for a while now and everything seems great between us, except the sexual part I guess. We only had a few intercourses in my dream, but my mind is just fucked up. 99 percent of time I dream random stuff. I want to take it to the physical plane but idk what’s wrong…

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focus on the slight touches you feel and stay focused on them, sort of like meditation, blank mind and focus on the sensation and keeping it in focus.

I feel the sensation when I’m naked on my bed, being relaxed,
but don’t expect it to be always and instantly amazing


Should I be completely naked in bed with no sheets on while I do this? Can it be done at any hour of the day, the sex I mean?

Lol tell me about it! Everytime my companions make a move on me in a dream I push them away because am just unaware and have issues…
On the physical plane giving out some energy help them get through. Leave a candle, incense, anything like offering! I burn some of my blood and hair for them and it works.


Haha it sucks. It’s why I avoid dream work. Too much randomness and frustration. Btw if I may ask, have you had physical sex with your lovers before? After you left offerings etc…does it work consistently?

Not consistently! It’s just when they feel like it! I build the energy in the room and see if they initiate some touching and I go from there. It’s not a physical 100% just specific vibrations that gets you going. Sometimes I just feel like my pants is ice cold or something warm.
The most physical feeling wasn’t from my companions but from the demons… not gonna name any but they have the massive energy to tear to reality…

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well don’t get a cold! but you want to have skin exposed to feel something

for me any hour of the day works, but it’s not like you can just deposit a coin and stuff starts to happen, it depends on my Succubs, as Succupedia wrote earlier, the Spirit is the one initiating it all
you sort of feel it, when she (or he)wants to play.

lately it has been strongest around 1.00-3.00 in the night , but also at 22.00-23.00 in the evening and I usually feel her the strongest around newmoon and fullmoon, but it’s not always like that.

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@succupedia can you please PM me? There is something I must tell you and ask you. I found some conflicting information again.

Thanks @MiKu and @_M_13 I did what you both said and had some progress just now.

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Sorry if I am a bother but could you help me out? You seem to have the most knowledge and experience on the subject around here.