How to acquire a spiritual companion?

Hi guys! Per my introduction post, I’m a beginner to this path (I’ve done lots of reading, but admittedly have next to no practical experience, mostly due to my own anxiety!), and my main interest is in the realm of spiritual companions. :slight_smile: I’m in the process of practicing meditation to work on my astral senses right now, but am a bit stuck on where to go from there. My current goal is to get myself a Black Dog (think something like the Barghest, not your neighbourhood Lab!) but I’m unsure how to accomplish this goal. When I was browsing for information before I found the forum, I kept coming up with websites that sold spirits, but I would prefer to learn how to acquire my own spirit. :slight_smile: You know yourself, “teach a man to fish” and all that!

So, having said that, how does one go about summoning or working with these types of spirits? I am still a bit nervous and not feeling terribly confident with my skill level right now (hence my astral senses practicing!) but I’d love to get some reading and information going right now so that I can feel more prepared when the time comes. :slight_smile: I’m looking to use the spirit as a sort of companion/familiar type of thing - I’d like to use it for personal protection, perhaps some revenge work, and all-around spiritual “friend”, if that helps at all!

Thank you very much in advance. :slight_smile:


Demons can give you a familiar. Also, you can create a servitor for the purpose of companionship, for what I’ve read here.


Seconded. I created a thoughtform (in the shape of a very large black pitbull) to protect me (and to act as a “watchdog” when I can’t be home).

My neighborhood has a problem with vehicle break-ins and porch pirates. My house is one of the few that hasn’t been hit. (Good boy, Sarge.)


I would star with Donald Tyson’s,“How to Make and Use a Magic Mirror”. You can call an angel like Micheal to teach and protect you. You can make a familiar spirit to reside in the mirror and train you. With daily offerings you can entice a spirit to make subtle changes in your mind so that you can see and hear 'em. I recommend you read a few of his books first. Familiar Spirits is good. Sexual Alchemy is good.

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What exactly is a servitor? That’s a term I haven’t seen yet! :slight_smile: Also, are demons safe for a beginner to try to contact? I would have thought that would be much more advanced than my newbie self!

A servitor is thoughtform any person can create, with any specific purpose. I tried to create one to aid me in lucid dreaming, for example. Since his function is just to appear in my dreams and say “Hey, you’re dreaming, laws of physics do not apply anymore”, it’s quite simple and basic.

As far as I know, demons are mostly safe. Worst case scenario, they won’t like you and refuse to work with you. But learn vanishing before trying to contact them, that’s a simple skill that will always come in handy.

My first success was contacting a god, so don’t mind so much about it, just put the work, focus and things will happen, sooner or later.

Here in this forum there is a good tutorial called “Servitor creation engine”, look for it using the search function. People has reported success with this method, I believe.


I found that tutorial! Eager to try it out once I’ve worked on my astral senses a bit more. :slight_smile: Is there a tutorial on vanishing here as well?

Several, I think. Just read them and pick one that resonates with you. I’ve been using one I took from an article called Pop Magic and it works for me.


Thanks. I was in doubt with that one.

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In life there is the easy way and the hard way the easy way is to buy a taweez from eBay that has a djinn attached like I did you can hear them in your dreams when you are sleeping hope that helps

Welcome @papito. Please introduce yourself in the NEW MAGICIAN AND INTRODUCTIONS area, and tell us about yourself and any experience you have in magick. It is a rule of this forum.