How to absorb energy from people?

I seek to learn some techniques In vampirism, how would I go about draining energy?

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look up predatory vampirism.


You can use visualization to drain their energy.


Thank you for the replies

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Call this vulgar, but I kinda feel like when people masturbate, there’s an exchange of energy. Sometimes after watching porn, I feel as if I’ve allowed my self to be fed upon. But I’m considering the possibility that I can instead use masturbation to feed upon others

That depends if the pornography is recent if it’s old then there’s no energy to exchange because you’re just doing it to yourself. Even energy in videos and locations begin to stale and become something else.

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Are the undead gods worth working with for vampyrism?

Undead Gods?

there are vampiric Gods, such as Set, Aset, Tezcatlipoca and Tlazolteotl.

The undead gods are the ascended vampires that are bound to this earth. They assist and guide the magician with vampirism.

How would you approach set for guidance with psychic Vampyrism?

huh? o.O

by evoking him and simply asking, showing respect of course. There’s no real other special way to approach him.

I knew that :joy:

You have given your energy to that porn

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You can create a servitor as well. I create servitors and leave them in my targets houses. Enemies arw those once we knew so close. So know their houses and astral keys its easier for me.

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How do you create such servitors, could you share details about their creation and charging?

Have you checked this out?