How Soon is it Okay to work with another Goetia spirit again after paying them?

It’s not the matter of generally repeating it, but repeating it a few hours after I paid the spirit. I thought the spirit would want to enjoy the offerings for 24 hours ago, but this gut feeling is so incredibly strong, I’m guessing it’s green light from the spirit as well. I may pull a tarot card just for peace of mind to ask how they results would work out.

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About what?

You have to have confidence that your spell is manifesting. I find the more you worry and doubt the work, the less effective it is. If it works at all. Set it and forget it (I know, easier said than done, especially with important matters).

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Thanks, I will do it tonight to release all this energy I have into the spell.

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Time isn’t linear for demons, your 24 hrs means jack to them. You don’t tie dates and times into workings, like 400pm on friday, means nothing. Time is marked by events for them, offerings, astrological events, etc.


Yeah I agree that time doesn’t work for spirits like it does for us, this one of the few core concepts of my magical beliefs. So there really is no limit as to how soon or the time between. The only thing I can think of that might be a problem is frequency, as in asking for the same thing over and over and over again could potentially cause some annoyance. But again, that assumes spirits possess human weaknesses such as frustration, impatience, etc, which all can be tied to physiological affects on the human body so its questionable as to whether or not spirits are susceptible to them.


Wow thank you, this made me feel so much better!

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Thank you so much for calming my fears!!

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Yea that’s why I said you shouldn’t call them again and again for the same matter just because you’re anxious. Do it and forget it. And I say this from personal experience. You should never do spells when you’re can’t control your feelings, that’s like rule No 1, at least for me.

And ofc you shouldn’t be scared either, if you’re scared in a way that makes you anxious and you can’t get over it no matter what (for example you can ask from the Spirits to make you feel comfortable with their energy), maybe its better to look for another spiritual path, for your path must make you feel like you’re at home. What sums everything up is how you handle each situation.

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How many hours and what was the prep?

So I completed the ritual. This is kind of a side question…I think I messed up with phrasing to a Goetia spirit, however I re did the ritual and corrected it. Do you think it will mess up results?

I was supposed to say this:

Target feels a passionate love for only me, that causes him to verbally ask me to be in an exclusive romantic and sexual relationship with only him.”

Instead I said:

Target feels a passionate love for only me, that causes him to verbally ask me to be in an exclusive romantic and sexual relationship with only me”.

I guess it still makes sense, it just sounds like I’m literally quoting what he would say. I repeated the ritual to correct it. Thoughts?

Should be fine, don’t over think it.

Thanks :wink:

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Why give an offering to the spirit when it might not even give you what you wish? Perhaps conjure the demon tell it what you wish then give the offering/reward,

I would question this statement

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Astrologicaly speaking i belive time does play a role for the demons.

Can you expand on that?


So the goetia has its history with the solomonic practice, within the keys of solomon there are Astrological times for the angels that rule over each day and hour. So within my belief it may be the same for the demons …

I wouldn’t repeat it. What I would do is evoke them for an extra offering and have a drink with them. Build a relationship and get to know them and how they speak. You could reiterate the importance of the matter but don’t push.

Each entity speaks differently so how will you know if they’re trying to connect with you and push you or get you to do something that will help the matter?

I haven’t looked at the Pauline section in years, basically you’re indicating the each angel has a specific day and hour when its easiest to call on them, like a planetary day/hour?