How Soon is it Okay to work with another Goetia spirit again after paying them?

Hi, I’m just a bit confused and have a small dilemma. I am currently working on a VERY important matter with multiple demons and I need the results to stay in place. I just paid a demon a few hours ago. Soon I need to petition him and tell him that I payed him (I use the Gallery of Magick’s Demon’s of Magick book). Anyway, usually when I do that, I tell the spirit "do not further affect my me, my loved ones, my life, and my relationships in any way, unless I call upon you again in a formal ritual). Then I will usually petition that same spirit again for the same results within a few days (regarding this matter specially). Even though I use archangel protection, I just don’t ever want their to be leg room for things to go wrong.

I’m very anxious/excited to keep these results in place, and want to do ANOTHER identical ritual with this same demon tonight. I’ve never read it anywhere, but I usually wait 24 hours after giving any spirits offerings before petitioning them again asking for results. To me, it’s just a curtesy and something in my gut I feel is the right thing to do. I want to let them enjoy the offerings before calling upon them again. However, I really want these results to continue as I’m on the brink of manifesting something great and it requires someone to be constantly influenced, which I’ve been using the demons for. So… my gut is conflicted. I have the strong urge to do magick again tonight but I don’t want to anger the demon as I’m nervous about complications. I always use archangel protection, which gives me some peace of mind but I’m still confused.

I guess my other option is to call upon another demon I haven’t yet worked with, and assign them the task instead, or just wait 24 hours. Anyway, I would appreciate feedback/advice, especially personal experiences. This matter is seriously important to me and is one of my MAIN goals in life, so I don’t want to risk doing anything that could mess this up, as I’m on the brink of success. Thank you.

So you gave a offering, right?

Correct, I gave an offering. It was a physical offering as well as praise.

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I always felt like I should give the spirit 24 hours to enjoy it before calling on them again, but this matter is seriously important and is causing me anxiety. Usually when I do a ritual I just release the anxiety into the ritual, so I’m eager to call on him again tonight.

If the spirit aint tell you to chill out and wait, then do the magic. Plain and simple

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Have you done that before? Also I don’t directly communicate with them, so there’s no way for me to know. I just go by my gut instincts and intuition, which like I said, is conflicted.

Part of me thinks…do the ritual again tonight. Then repeat it tomorrow to quiet any anxiety that the spirit may have ignored my request since I didn’t give him 24 hours to enjoy his offering.

With protection in tact, I don’t think the spirit would get mad. This is a demon of war and rage though, and I’m doing dark magick, so I’m treading extra lightly.


I have done multiple evocations of Satan in the same night for thr most petty shit and i am still alive.

That was months ago.
With about 30 min to an hour inbetween

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Did it work out? Also it’s not about asking for multiple things, it’s asking him for something when I just paid him, and should let him enjoy his offering. I don’t get why occult books don’t cover this, I would think it’s a FAQ?

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A small advice here and that applies to all Spirits, Demons, Gods: If you feel what you asked was accepted, don’t repeat it again, let it manifest. It’s like someone calls you over and over for the same matter and you’re like “yea dude, I said I will, get off my back or you’ll have to do it yourself!” I actually snort with my description but pretty much yea this is it.


It did lol.

Look. The being aint gonna strike you down for asking him for something right after you pay him.
Simply have multiple offerings ready…

Get a task list.

Give it to he spirit.

Have a cumulative offering ready for him at the end.

See what I mean?

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Right, but like I said, when I tell the Goetia spirit I paid him or her, I always say “don’t affect my life any further unless I call you again”. It gives me peace of mind as I don’t like to give these spirits any leg room. Thus, I call upon them again and repeat the ritual (if it needs to be repeated).

Ok, maybe you’re right. Also these are spirits, they can be in multiple places at once. I’m sure he can still enjoy the offering while setting off and doing the task I gave him right? I have a strong strong instinct to repeat the ritual tonight. I can’t even focus on anything else right now.

I think at most, he would ignore my request. I do not believe he can harm me or negatively affect my life if I have protection in place correct?

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Most rituals you have to repeat to keep the energy going.

Damon Brand has a series of Angel rituals that IF YOU REPEAT THEM FOR 11 DAYS…ELEVEN DAYS…ELEVEN DAYS…The effects will last over a year.


And yes you ask for the same thing over and over again in those rituals

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I know but it’s completely different. Angels don’t accept offerings other than gratitude and I’m not working with angels. I’m using them for protection but assigning the task to a Goetia spirit. Also I just paid this spirit for doing the same task.

To me, this is bordering on a pact, even though it’s not technically one.

Ok so basically, if I repeat it tonight, you don’t think there’s any chance of something going wrong and it backfiring?

No its not. Chill the fuck out for a sec.

The concept is the same. It will only backfire if you keep ranting and going on about it possibly backfiring. Like attracts like, remember?

Do the Ritual For a set amount of time and see what happens…


The GOM book only has you do the demon rituals once (and it has worked for me so far) but is an extensive ritual and takes preparation, so hours go into it.

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How many days in a row do you petition demons? I only do it once, but sometimes utilize multiple demons for the same task so they can work together.

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Ok, then do this, it’s annoying! This could be a sign of the fact that you have greenlight from the spirit to do that. And btw, you can’t cause any backfire or something just because you repeat a ritual over and over, on the contrary, it could make the results to manifest faster and more real (from what I’ve observed in my experiences).

You are right👍