How should I evoke demons with this machine?

This machine is supposed to get you into a meditative state.

How exactly should I go about doing evocation with this when it puts you into a meditative state?

I assume you are pretty new to all of this.
If you want to do evocation, you must first know about sigils, mainly the one of the entitie you want to evoke. Learn how those work to call for the entitie.
This forum must have plenty of information about sigils and evokation, I am sure. You can also look on other places in the web if you are still unsatisfied.
Secondly, I have never used this machine, but I highly recommend that you get to a meditative state on your own with your own skill. You don’t need a machine to do something so inherently human, such as entering a meditative state. It is way much easier than many might think, you just need practice and patience.
Start by breathing exercises. You can also find some of those if you look for them in this forum

Good luck!

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