How Powerful Are The Spirits Of The Dead?

I have read quite a few conflicting opinions about disincarnate spirits. How powerful are they, compared to say, demons? Can they protect their living loved ones against black magick?

I’m not sure but I wish I had the answer to this question…

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Depends on the spirit in question.

How long have they been dead?Are you summoning just a simple shade,or something more complex?How powerful are they?How powerful were they?Were they conscious magicians?Were they strong unconscious magicians?Who were they allied with(or what)?

It’s hard to put dead people into such rigid structures,just as it is hard to put living people into such categories.You need not be a conscious magician to have power,and to affect the world.Most people affect the world unconsciously via the Law of Attraction or other devices non stop.

Some people are just born powerful.Some are born with more power than some can have in a lifetime,more than some ever could have in a single lifetime.

A shade will just be a hollow shell of this power,whereas another type might retain more,and whatnot.It really depends.

Not all demons are the same thing either.

The dead just naturally work fast(Die Todten Reiten Schnell),they can bring money,they can kill,ruining someone’s life,they have an amazing amount of precognition,to name a few things the dead are good in.

There’s no real answer to this question.I’ve met a spirit of the dead fairly recently,that surpasses most demonic kings and regular gods in terms of power.Also,being dead and being a demon need not exclude themselves.Varnaxis is both dead,and demonic,and as powerful as both.

Demons aren’t a homogenous group either,though that’s an entirely different discussions.

A real answer can be found only through experience in this case,in my opinion.

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Never worked with them but they are powerful enough that Greeks had festivals to keep them happy. I would say take a look at some academic works about Greek necromancy or any papers you can find online to get a view of their abilities.

My usual disclaimer: I’m near the bottom of the food chain on here and am only now seeing tiny results with magick. So view my thoughts with that in mind: It will depend upon what their strengths were in life. For example, if your goal was to gain material wealth, then you probably wouldn’t want to call someone that was stuck in poverty. You’d want to call Howard Hughes. But if you wanted to be great in bed, you wouldn’t want to call him; you’d be better off calling a dead porn star.