How Paimon led me to Gnostic Christianity (sophian tradition)

I was hesitant to share this here, but i feel it may help reconcile some seeming contraditions in spirituality. So i petitioned Paimon under the guidance of Satan and Lucifer to do 2 things for me. 1 was to make me gaslight proof, and the other was to simply lead me to my true self. Long story short, i encountered a series of events that led me to a specific tradition of gnostic christianity called the sophian tradition. It was after much binge reading on their forum, and experiencing my own gnosis through meditating on their teachings that i decided to settle with their approach. After gaining insight into the nature of God, Jesus, kabbalah, etc that i not only found what works for me, but it gave me a deeper aplreciation for what you guys do here as well. While i no longer tackle the qlippothic energies directly, i see that those who do play such a critical role in the collective tikkun. I feel like those who consciously work with these forces are, even if you may not see it as such, healing the world in ways most will never understand. I personally work with Yahweh, but i consider satan, lucifer, the demons, etc. Not as the enemy of yahweh, but when worked with in theirbproper contexts, are also manifestations of the same underlying divinity. As a Gnostic Christian now, i affirm the reality of Christ but i do not adhere to strict definitions of such terms. Its all part of the multidimensional puzzle we are putting together as a collective. I feel like part of my mission on this earth is to become a catalyst for the reconciliation between this illusory dichotomy. Any thoughts on this?


How would you describe working with Yahweh?

I’ve had my own reservations since Yahweh usually gets shit talked on here but am curious about the kind of power he has to offer.

Does Sophia Gnosticism approach Yahweh differently? From my understandings, the Gnostics view Yahweh as the evil Demiurge.


My thought is weird, interesting. Who knows.

I personally think that the no one is particularly special, but everyone is especially special because no two of us our exactly the same though we may be very similar or have very relatable experiences. We may also not be.

I personal feel we each have our path to walk and it’s ours to walk whether it’s right in the eyes of others or not.

One thing we all agree on is that we have flawed or limited information and perception as to what really was, despite not really agreeing on anything else.

This tells me any one person could be right, we could all be right in some fraction of a way or we could all be lost as hell and clueless.

My opinions and thoughts continually change as I take in new information, remember things once forgotten and new events take place.

Basically I don’t know that we all have a purpose, but I feel that many or most of us do have some objective we want to accomplish in this life and I think denying it comes mostly from the fact these things our heart truly truly longs or thinks we need to do- sound so fantastical to the commoner that we too, eventually believe we can’t possible do that.

I don’t know what’s true and what’s not for many things, it’s like having a puzzle with a bunch of pieces that all look like forest leaves and you have to figure out which pieces go where.

But I do know, many things I was told weren’t true, weren’t possible, weren’t this and weren’t that- simply were meant to hold me back and keep me from trying.

So my thought is walk your path. If you are wrong in the long run about anything or it no longer fits what you need, that’s okay you can replace it with better more informed knowledge and what you do need, as you grow and as it comes.

Just keep an eye for discernment on whether or not things are helping or harming you and remember not everyone will walk the same path as you.


For sophian gnosticism, the actual real God is beyond the ain soph, and yahweh is just one of many names of God. The way Yahweh is described by the dualistic schools of thought isnt necessarily describing the same Being but is more/less a paradigm relative to a specific time and level of understanding of the scriptures at hand…its hard to explain really, but basically its not the same. In kabbalah, God is beyond all form and all labels, and in fact my own personal beliefs, is that Lucifer and the demons are many partzufim, or faces of God. The various kabbalistic names of God are just different aspects of God, and God manifests through all beings in all realms just the same way as God manifests through us and all other sentient life. It all boils down to labels and our ideas of those labels. The fact is thst the qlippoth is not necessarily separate from the sefirot in the deeper sense of the words, but our own limited human understanding of these forces cause us to get these dualistic notions that we cling to. Its really hard for me to explain, as im combining my limited ubderstanding of these teachings combined with not so deep gnosis, but yeah…


But as for yahweh itself, this name encapsulates the entire life force of the sefirot. Its the deepest most mysterious name that has the most commentaries about it


Very well put. Thats why im sharing here. You guys always have very good insight to bring to the table. Thats why i feel this is an appropriate place to share such ideas. Plus theres even a category here just for RHP discussions so even though i work with a different paradigm than most in this forum, i still have a place thats safe to share my own path and experiences and gain insightful feedback from you guys as well. This forum will always be my home :heart:

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Okay, so basically you dont see Yahweh as a specific being, but instead see him as a deific mask for the source?

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Is there a specific text that you have drawn this from? Its confusing because some people see Yod Hey Vav Hey as a vibratory formula for the unknowable god, while others treat Yahweh as an actual diety.

Its tricky because Yahweh was definitely a Caananite diety.

The real question is did the God known as Yahweh come first, or did the Yod Hey Vav Hey come first?

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Yahweh was an ancient storm god.

Yet, Yahweh is also the Jewish egregore.

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Basically context plays a big role. All systems have been drawn from numerous prior sources with different elements of originality thrown in. When it comes to the actual nature of the reality of these forces, your guess is good as mine if im being totally honest with myself. I personally ascribe to an emanationist outlook and consider all of these forces and spiritual beings both independent as well as consciously aware of their inherent singularity. As far as the way different entitites of different paradigms and cultural backgrounds is concerned, im not sure exactly how it works, but i do know that the context and particular understanding you have of said forces influences the way in which they ibteract with us. Its really trippy man…like half of what i want to cconvey cant be articulates yet…but i do feel like theres some nlteworthy cinnections when we do focus on how these various entitites, gods, etc. Are similar in the ways they are worked with moreso than focusing as much on the differences. While its helpful to note the distinctions, i feel like theres an even more potent stream of underlying unity to these forces that for the longest time humanity has been cut off from in one way or another

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I basically reccomend their website. The book Gnosis of the Cosmic Christ by tau malachi really hands down the good stuff too

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You can see everything as one. Lhp doesn’t refuse that part.

And there is separate experience of reality, which we are experiencing now.

And we can fully actualize this “separate” experience.

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Sweet I’ll have to check that out

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