How often to evoke, summon Belial?

So I had made a blood pact with Belial about 2 weeks ago and had asked for a certain goal to be reached within a few weeks.

My question is how often should we evoke Belial through his sigil and enn mantra? How often should we perform a blood pact (or is that done only once?)?

What about asking him to possess us? What would that consist of? I am living with other people and can’t do it if it means I am going to start speaking in tongues or behaving crazy cause I don’t want to alert them to what I am engaged in.

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If you are going for wisdom, you can count with him always.

But if you have a specific demand, you only need to call him once. But more important, you have to LET IT GO!

If you lust your result then you’ll block all your operations. Do whatever your have to do in physical realm and let the magic go.

That’s the only way to get ANY results with ANY magickal operations…


I invoked him through meditation once and still feel his presence around me. I would be careful what you wish for with him. He will turn your life upside down

It depends a little on what youve asked for and what is needed from you, reading in book of Azazel for example i believe EA had contact with Azazel every single night for 90 days or something.
If you want help and guidence from Belial and he dont give you any specific timelines or any time frame to work with them go with your gut.