How often do spirits talk to us through people?

Hey guys,

So I keep evoking everyday, is now part of my daily life and each day I enjoy it more and more because my life has really taken big shifts…

Anyways, I’ve working with a couple of spirits, but the more I work with them, the more we bond and the more meaningful conversations I have with them.

So I am working with a spirit on my career and finances and at the beginning he was giving me tough love because I wasnt doing what he was telling me and I was doing something else.

But a couple of days ago he was very specific with me gave me detailed instructions on what to do and I asked him but what if I do this he said, nothing wrong will happen to you and you can certainly do it I am going to do my best to help you out but this is not why we are working together, this wasnt your goal your goal is what I am telling you to do.

So I already know which day am I going to do the things he told me to do, so I decided to keep doing the other thing. So I was pissed with myself because what I am doing I am not passionate about it and I just do it because I said to myself that I was going to do it and I never like to quit on the things I start.

So I was talking to this person I met through doing the thing I am not passionate about and then another lady arrived which I already talked to her about this too and she started giving me a lot of feedback on what I was doing and all of a sudden she said you know you should be doing this thing instead of what you are doing now.

Now the things I am doing are completely not related so I found it shocking to say the least, she didnt said the specific instructions that the spirit told me to do but she did pointed me out to quit doing what you are doing and go ahead and do this instead.

Like I said I am quite shocked, but you know what I am not so shocked anymore, its hard to not believe in magick after you start seeing things shift around you and everyday they get more extreme.

Like for example I wrote the girls I like keep showing up, well yesterday this girl that I really liked appeared like literally in front of me but the great thing is that now things are changing because this girls are behaving in a very loving girl.

And today I met this beautiful girl and we didnt exchanged info in the morning and I said FUCK I really like this girl and she just said waived bye when she was going. 5 hours later she reappeared again and she was totally happy about it and now I did gave her my info so its all good now.

So like I said its hard not to believe in magick when you start seeing this shifting stronger and stronger each and every day more and more.

So yeah, my question to you is if you’ve had the experience of people letting you know what the fuck you have to do next so you stop beating around the bushes, because instead of feeling pissed off with the girl I felt at peace and just had this sense of relief that everything is going to work out according to plan.

Thank you!

Yes, thats the usual way they comminicate with mr, send me winks through others. The most laughable one they did was letting me know they were punishing my enemy… throug my enemy’s own mouth! He told me something like: gods are moving… to indicate me he was about to screw my life, yet he was the screwed one looooooool

Thanks, thanks, thanks dear allies

They talk a lot through other people. I’ve had some pretty unexpected experiences with this.

Yes, they do. But not only spirits, but the force of magic it self.

Interesting thing is when you curse a person and you see a black bird “following” them or “singing” to them on the street (sorry for language barrier here). If it lands on their car, for example, you already have a clear idea of what will happen.

That means they are pretty screwed.

Seems like you are advancing good, H8.

Everything that surrounds us that we are able to see, has a message from what we cannot see but that also surrounds us.