How often can I invoke a daemon?

I understand that Demons are busy with other summoners etc… But I feel like talking to Dantalion everyday sometimes 2 times a day. Is that annoying or excessive to do? Also if its not when I summon him/her can I just use the sigil or will It be better to do the whole ritual everytime I want to talk or ask questions.

some like it some get annoyed, ask them.
It’s ok to do multiple rituals just ask first

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Okay thank you! :blush:

In my experience, they love to talk to you and have you ask them questions if you are serious. Just calling on them to ask how their day is going will probably annoy them, but if you call on them to ask serious things and to learn, then that should not be a problem. It never has been one for me. I feel that spirits can be in just more than one place at a time, so that should not be an issue. Talking to them, asking them questions, and wanting to learn is a great way to build a relationship and before you know it, they will drop in on you to talk to you.

Their seal and enn is fine if you want to just call on them, but if you want something, then a formal ritual is the way to go in my opinion.


Omg thank you so much!
I appreciate that lol.
Yes I can see what you are saying
If I were to just call on Dantalion like stewie did Lois on family guy :joy: that would be so annoying.
But I will make sure I really have something to talk about or ask. Thank you.

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No problem

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