How not to become a magician

Many of those who practice magic are born with a penchant for it. But having predispositions and talents has not yet made anyone a Magician.

It’s not enough to be born under a certain star, you need to spend years cultivating the right qualities and acquiring the necessary skills (an article about what it means to be a Magician). This path is not easy and it has its own stumbling blocks, which we will consider in this article.

And so, what can prevent a person born with talent from becoming a Magician:

Faith and Religion

Faith and religion have a strong influence on a person’s life, bringing up a certain vision of the world in him. And so it may happen that in the proposed picture of the world, magic will be a product of evil or it will have no place at all. By faith and religion, in this case, we do not assume any particular religion, but consider these concepts as broadly as possible. Along with Judaism, as well as Christianity and Islam, which originate in it, in some teachings of Buddhism and Hinduism, magic is perceived as a product of evil.

Being a passionate follower of these teachings, a person with a craving for magic will either develop a guilt complex, or will be forced to reconsider some of the postulates of these teachings for himself or completely break off relations with them. Religions, of course, are not limited to the above small list, they are numerous and diverse, which cannot be said about their attitude to magic, it is basically the same. I think this is an echo of a long-standing competitive struggle. The fact is that no one perceives magic as a religion now, but it wasn’t always like that.

Not all religions consider magic to be a product of evil, there are some among them who deny it at all and point out that if a person believes in something like this, then there is clearly something wrong with him, perhaps pills will help him.

We are talking about the religions of the modern world, they are not religions in the full sense of the word, but they have all the characteristic features of religion. Imitation religions and their followers fiercely believe in progress, science and new technologies, just as followers of other religions do.

In general, this type of religion affects the future Magician in the same way as ordinary religions, the difference, perhaps, is that the complex is developed not by guilt, but by inferiority.

When inclinations and cravings for Magic manifest themselves from childhood, the key role is played not by the child’s belonging to a particular religion, but by belonging to the religions of his parents, who educate all these complexes. It is not often in our age that you can hear parents saying that they would like their son or daughter to become Magicians.

There is another type of religion, which, unlike those already listed, is not so aggressive towards magic, but still cannot give anything along the way. These are religions that try to build on near magical knowledge. They are full of the words “Vedas”, “Vedic worldview”, “Vedic clothing”, etc. Everything is Vedic, in a word.

We are not talking about Hinduism or Brahmanism, we are talking about modern trends that appeared no more than 30 years ago. Drawing knowledge from everywhere and not delving into it, changing it in your own way, in 99% of cases knowledge becomes useless and practice ineffective. Moreover, the appeal to Deities, which are frankly invented by ethnographers and picked up by modern hereditary witches and magi, also does not lead to any special results.

The gods were perceived as the creators of this world and people. A tribe or a whole nation worshipped their God because they saw in him a caring parent and an immortal leader to whom they could turn with any question. Now that the great pantheons have been written, all the Gods have become specialists in a narrow profile, as if they had graduated from modern institutions.

For most religions, modern and not only, God or Gods are perceived as some kind of abstract, amorphous archetypes, whereas for a Magician, the Gods are often more real than himself.

Do not take the word “religion” negatively. The very concept and meaning of the word “restoration of unity” is very positive. Once magic and religion were inseparable from each other, we are talking about the religions of the old time. Actually, what we now call magic is an echo of the existence of those very religions. So magic itself is a religion that does not reproach or condemn the practice of magic, but rather encourages it.

Television psychics

In the very existence of this “brotherhood” there is a considerable threat to people who are just coming to understand magic. They have no influence in any way, they do not have the strength to do this, and by and large, they themselves do not believe in all this. They just make a show, come up with some contests and tests, as if they are helping someone, and assure everyone that this is true. In fact, they are deceivers, and, of course, this is not all good.

The danger for a beginner is that, for the effectiveness of the plot, they come up with some ridiculous ways of acting, say frankly stupid things and, in addition, try to teach this. Surely, more than once, you have seen ads about magic and psychic training from such would-be psychics from one famous show. Getting to study with one of them is equivalent to throwing away your talent.

People who themselves do not understand anything at all about what they teach, and even do not believe in it, can hardly give anything worthwhile. They themselves, their courses, and their books do not deserve any attention at all.

All the harm caused by these people is not done purposefully, because they are focused solely on making money, and the topic of magic and extrasensory perception is simply popular in society. Measuring by themselves, they consider everyone to be charlatans and therefore act on the principle that whoever is the first to cheat fools is well done. This, in fact, is what they teach.

Propaganda of half-assed people

There is another danger on the path of mastering magic for beginners, these are ideas preached and propagandized by people who heard something, but did not have time to hear or understand how they ran to teach others. Usually such “half-assed” people are “especially valuable” people on the planet. At least, they consider themselves to be like that and not infrequently emphasize their value with the titles they assign to themselves: the Magus of the world scale; the guardian of the peaceful sky; the messenger of Sirius; the cavalier of the diamond runic star, etc.

In fact, they read something but didn’t finish it, or maybe they even studied somewhere but didn’t finish it because they outgrew something. It is difficult to say who they really are: television and newspaper psychics who have overdone the image, or, indeed, people with inclinations who have become victims of complexes and disorders. One thing is for sure, that their ideas do not carry any constructive meaning. I will not go into everything, I will tell you only about the most common: vegetarianism, bad habits, sex.

Vegetarianism is the rejection of food of animal origin. According to these views, by giving up meat and all heavy foods, a person opens up super abilities. But then why aren’t all vegetarians clairvoyant? There are many magicians who prefer this type of food, but also many who eat meat. Their strength does not differ, as it does not depend on diet.

Bad habits – the use of tobacco, alcohol, etc. If a person practicing spiritual exercises drinks alcohol, then all abilities are closed for six months, the same with cigarettes. It is a dubious statement, especially if you look at the fact that tobacco and not only it was smoked by shamans to enter into a trance and communicate with Spirits and Gods. And wine was sacrificed and consumed by ancient priests for similar purposes.

Sex – abstinence is necessary for the development of super abilities. Allegedly, during abstinence, a person accumulates an incredible amount of energy, and during sex all the energy goes away, and a person loses years of life. And this is doubtful, since religious and mystical traditions that are based on sex have been known for a long time. Sex is used in them both as an element of worship of Deities, and as a kind of spiritual and energetic exercise. Their followers do not live less and do not suffer from lack of energy.

The ideas of such false teachers are based on what they were able to hear, but could not understand. Everything they say and teach can be called in one word – vinaigrette. They pull information from different sources and create a disparate and often contradictory false teaching that does not allow their followers to grow and develop.

Unfortunately, there are many such false teachers and they are quite easy to recognize by the fact that they betray too much importance to things that are not so significant and simplify what is really important extremely, because they themselves do not understand this. When you come to them, you will hear the story that you were born to be great, you were given and you have to develop everything yourself.

The cherry on the cake will be the revelation that you have known each other for more than one lifetime and were some kind of super dupers in previous lives.

All the described stumbling blocks can stop you for years and decades in your development, if they do not completely deprive you of the opportunity to move along your path. Be careful!