How much time between rituals?

Hi I hope this is in the right section! I bought a book about angelic magick and was anxious to get started.

I felt like the ritual went well and I appreciate how the author mentions being able to tackle different challenges one by one, using magick rituals. I imagined this meant taking a long time which is ok.

I feel as if the first ritual I did might take some time to take effect, as some of the issues I want to work on are deep rooted issues, and although I am encouraged to hope for big changes (according to the book), I should not expect it to be a drastic change but maybe more of a gradual thing.

Now I am realizing something else I want to work on with a magick ritual but I am not sure whether I should wait until I see results from my first one. I am patient and can wait but just wondering if I can work on something, or a few things while I wait?

I did read some people do several rituals to solve a problem, and at first that did not appeal to me as I have hardly any experience! Now I see doing the ritual is not as hard as I thought!

Can someone share with me info or experience?


If you are using Damon Brand’s angel stuff, he says right in the book to leave at least a few hours but preferably a day between rituals.


Yes it is Damon Brand and you’re right I did see that in there somewhere. Thank you for your help!