How much mugwort

There are loads of topics discussing mugwort on here but I haven’t found any about the quantity needed for it to work.

I bought some to help with my dreaming as lately I have only been remembering small basic things.
However, the mugwort didn’t work. I smoked about 4 large generous pinches of it and went to bed straight after. But got absolutely nothing from it.

If you found it successful for your dreaming how much of it did you actually smoke?


I havent tried smoking it yet, but making a tea of about a teaspoon has worked.

Check out Galantamine though! That shit is craaaaazy


Personally, I am using cigarette papers when smoking mugwort. I fill the paper completely with it, I don’t blend it with tobacco (I can imagine that it will taste horrible the first few times unblended if you’re used to mix it with tobacco :sweat_smile:). I am smoking my herbal cigarette usually one hour before going to sleep, to give my body enough time to react to the chemical process (which is usually overall relaxing and in my case also pain reducing).

Try to experiment with a higher dosage and with a bit more time before you go to sleep. If you can’t bring yourself to smoke a complete mugwort cigarette you could check for mugwort blends online. They are usually selling them mixed together with Lavender, Hops or Damiana for a better taste (safety note: I am not allergic to any of these herbs, so this is my personal approach. Please check in with your physician if you have pre-existing conditions).


I used a pipe bowl, like one would use to smoke pot in. I havent smoked pot since I was younger but figured that would be best to smoke it with because I cant roll a cigarette, when I do , its the size of tampon :joy:.

It doesnt actually taste too bad unblended
It has a bitterness to it but it was quite smooth. I did cough a lot but then again I havent smoked a cigarette in years

I didnt think if leaving more time, I thought it had a time limit of effectiveness so smoked 4 bowls of it quickly and jumped into bed.

I have seen these sold together with mugwort will give it a go. Thanks!

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Thanks, will look into that!

a tea spoon??? :flushed:
i used to take a handfull of that shit, and kept it in the tea pot until it cooled off = somewhat thick and intense ass tea…

:thinking: can i not over-do something for once?

Lol to be honest a teaspoon didnt do much, I think I will be trying your dose

bruh galantamine is the shit fr

As far as I know galantamine isnt svailable here without a prescription . Am in UK.
Would love to try it sometime though

In the US you can buy it as a supplement as its unscheduled. It’s also derived from common snowdrop I believe so you could probably make a tea out of that if it’s not available.

It’s insane though, you sleep for 4-6 hours, wake up, take it, and lay back down, and I’ll try and stay awake and meditate and you literally slip into sleep paralysis so easily. I could like get up, walk around, and lay back down and just relax and go back into SP/a lucid dream so easily.

It’s the most effective AP/SP/LD supplement/drug I’ve ever tried by far. It’s actually kind of crazy.

I have gotten visions and communication with spirits when paired with playing the enn though headphones, as well intense Lucid dreams that will last forever and can happen over and over. Or solid AP sessions. Depending on where you go from SP, or if you fall asleep before it kicks in (causes LDs)

Its an acetylcholinterase inhibitor, so maybe look into Huperazine A or similar. I havent tried that yet though.

Also, Alpha GPC/Citicholine is helpful. Melatonin seems to work. Also anticholinergics like diphenhydramine (interesting because the mechanics is almost opposite to Galantamine…)

Also, racetams like piracetam have increased dream recall before bed but lowered sleep quality.

I have yet to try African Dreamroot but Mexican Dreamherb (Calea Zacatechichi) tastes like SHIT, and didnt work too well for me. I mean it tastes bad, like San Pedro minus the texture.

I know I am aware of more, I will have to think and get back to you.