How much influence do your actions have on a curse?

My girlfriend’s ex-husband was abusive to her, physically, mentally, emotionally, and sexually. There’s also pretty good evidence he was a pedophile, and he bullied her, her sick mother, her children, and her disabled brother. So I convinced her to do the chicken foot curse on him.

I did the chicken foot curse on a cheating ex and she did it on her ex-husband. That was about two months ago.

She moved out of their home together late last year because of the fear that he would hurt or kill her, as she was applying for a divorce. The judge awarded her half of the furniture in the home, but he refused to allow her access to get her things. So I started emailing him, then texting him, and finally calling him to set up a time to get her things. He never answered or responded. She is still on the lease, so we were advised that we could go over anytime, and we did, attempting to catch him, but he called the police on me and told them I was trespassing and harassing him.

He also almost refuses to work. His lease is up and he doesn’t make enough to stay at the home. Recently, we discovered that he requested a debit card to access her brother’s account, and over the last two years, he’s stolen 30000 from her brother’s disability. We reported that to the police and to the retirement lawyer (the money comes from the disabled brother’s deceased father’s pension) and they said they plan to pursue prosecution against him. We have also been told that the charges will be federal and that he’s probably in serious trouble.

My question is: Are we aiding or interfering in the chicken curse? Are things supposed to happen to him without our interference? Or are our actions being facilitated by the curse?

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Actions being facilitated by the curse, not an interference. Point being, keep clear, keep well read on legal matters, and take things calmly with no interaction with him outside of any legal proceedings. The guy is a shit snowball, and he’s turned his own existence into a shit avalanche. Let the legal system do what it does against him, and in all regards keep level headed on the subject. As for the furniture, he would assume that you are trespassing, and would proceed to call the cops again, arrange to have the cops escort you to the property, provide legal documentation as such, if it goes further its just more shit for him in his shit avalanche. Don’t tell him your coming, just go directly and have somebody escort the both of you to the property to have 1. An impartial witness and 2. An officer to arrest if he became violent. As above all else and to reiterate be clear of mind, no contact, and follow the rules of the system that would give him a rather nasty downfall, by the sounds of it, not if but when.


Thanks. I was hoping that our actions were facilitating his downfall.

As for the police, she was told by them it was a civil matter and they said there’s nothing that they can do. Her son is a police officer (for a different district) and he’s frustrated by them. They’ve flatly refused to help until she proved he was stealing money from her brother’s bank account.

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Ah, if the card is linked to her brothers account, I’m sure he can access information from the bank, such as a statement to see what charges have been made with the card. Go through all withdrawals/purchases, fine tooth comb every single page of his statement, get him consultation from a lawyer.

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You may also want to do a binding spell, to hinder him from acting against you (picture him being bound in rope, unable to move).

A quick simple spell that I’ve used to astonishing effect - write your name and the names of your allies on a large piece of paper. Write the name of your enemy on a small, torn up piece of paper. Your names should be big, while your enemy’s should be small, but still easily readable. You will also need a dollar bill of some kind (or whatever currency you use), preferable a $100 but any size will do.

Begin the ritual by placing the paper with your name at the top of your working space. Then, place the paper with the name of your enemy on top of yours, with the money underneath them. Know that these are more than simple scraps of paper, but links to the individuals named on them. Know that your enemy controls money that is rightfully yours or your ally’s. Feel how terrible this feels. Feel weakness, despair, rage, however you feel about your enemy dominating you in this way.

Next, move your enemy and the money below you, so that the papers are separate and not touching. Know that you have removed your enemy’s power over you, but remember that they still can do what they want and act against you.

Finally, move your enemy beneath you so that their name is completely under your Will, leaving a small edge of the paper visible as a reminder of their submission. At no point do you move your own paper, but allow your enemy to be the cause of their own destruction. Return the money to your paper, and know that your enemy is under your power by their own stupid decisions. I suggest that you spend a few moments relishing in victory.


Yeah, we actually have reported the withdrawals. Her brother would get a deposit around the 25th, and every month on the 30th, the ex would pull the money from one of two ATMs. My girlfriend said that the investigators didn’t seem to believe her at first until she revealed she had the transactions.

So we currently have detectives investigating the fraud and a lawyer for the retirement systems investigating the amount of money he took from their parent’s retirement.

I’m pretty sure he’s a narcissist. He’s already run to her friends and associates and told them a bunch of lies. The rental agency won’t assist her in accessing the property and won’t remove her from the lease, even though there’s documented domestic violence, and we’re pretty sure it’s because he’s sweet talked the manager of the property with a sad story about how everything is against him.

Thank you. I will definitely do this.

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A slight update. After the rental agency decided to take her side and say that she’s on the lease and has access to the house, her ex-husband was able to convince the police she wasn’t allowed to get more than what he’d designated for her. They said she’s not at the residence so she can’t take anything, even if she’s on the lease.

We got the things he allotted to her and left, planning to talk to the lawyer on Monday. On Monday, however, she got served with a protective order. This man, who abused her in every way for eight years, told the courts that he feared for his life. She’s 5’2.

He made up a few blatant lies, saying she threatened to have her sons, her brother, and me attack him, something that she never did. She’s so discouraged and believes that he’ll get away with everything he’s done.


The curse would work better if she does the curse herself. I feel like you are more invested in using magick than she is (I could be wrong). I would advise your gf that she also needs to produce evidence -voicemails, text messages, emails, pictures, police reports she made against him, and subpoena people who witnessed the abuse. He can attempt to place a protective order but without evidence it will be thrown out. I would also advice your “gf and you” to not text him, call him, email, or react. He will attempt to get a reaction to use it against your gf and you in court. He is most likely pissed because she found someone else (you). It really comes down to her doing the magick to be “effective”. Work with Belial.

You mentioned your gf is not able to access her property. Hmmm does she have the court documents that state how the assets and debts have been divided? If she does, she can take it to the police station and request a cop to go with her to pick up her items. The rental property cannot stop her from accessing the property if she is part of the lease. I would go above the rental manager and contact the property management company. She also needs to take the time to read the rental agreement she signed. If I were her, I would request a copy from the manager or property mgt company. Overall, This case seems messy and she should invest in a good attorney if there is assets involved. If not, I would just let him keep it all and start all over.


She actually has the lease stating she’s on it until the end of this month, but her court divorce documents say that she doesn’t have any property still at that location. She said she filled it out wrong and is trying to get a revision. The rental agency is actually trying to help her, but the police said her admitting she didn’t have property prevents her from being allowed to take anything.

We just spoke with a lawyer about an hour ago. He thinks its pure retaliation, like you said, and thinks we’ll get it tossed out.

I did suggest to her that it would be more potent coming from her. I have a lot of anger towards him for what he did to her, but she had the connection. I will tell her to attempt it. We have ordered some supplies to try a DUME candle based on another post here, and I’m also going to get her to try shinri’s spell suggestion.


She is taking the right steps. She is getting the documents revised. Once those doc. Are revised she can get her personal belongings. The ex can attempt to place a restraining order, but where is the proof? It will get tossed out w/o proof. Now, If she doesn’t show up to court, a restraining order will be set in place.

Listen, you can be supportive of your gf, but It is not your battle. It is her battle. She stayed in a relationship with a guy who was a narcissist, asshole, thief, etc. but she was okay with it for many years. This behavior should not come as a surprise. She knew what he was about. “I like to play devil’s advocate”. What part did she play in this relationship? I believe they both played a part. They are both responsible for this chaotic mess. I praise you for being the “savior”, but I wouldn’t be able to take on someone else’s mess and problems. Hopefully, she gets counseling because she didn’t have time to heal before transitioning into the next relationship. I advise you to take care of you! You have a good heart, but this mess has NOTHING to do with you. The relationship barely started and it’s already toxic. Cleanse, cleanse, cleanse… you don’t want the energy And parasites of others Affecting you.

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