How Much Collateral Damage Is Okay When Cursing?

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Just fuck the person who committed the wrongdoing up, and anyone else involved. No need for their family and loved ones, who are oblivious to the matter, to receive a punishment.

Punishing others for no reason, petty or for irrational reasons makes you look like Yahweh.


Point taken and quite valid.

Luckly I can say I have never acted on my impulses.


I wish I could say the same…but then I would be lying.


Well at least your honest with yourself.:slight_smile:


I actually have been wrestling with this concept for years. I have come to the conclusion that if the offspring do not choose to break the cycle of their progenitors, then they do indeed deserve this kind of curse as well. I would go with it, and put in a caveat that would save a decent offspring from a fate not its own fault.


Lol, a little heavy-handed, but many of us consider individuality to be the one saving grace of anyone. What i suspect we balked at is “the sins of the father visited upon his children” thing. However, again, the sins of the father are often reflected in his children, so who knows


Well if you are going to War on that level, be prepared to destroy a Lineage. If you want to do something that dark, the fact of a pissed off Mama or Papa cannot phase you for even a second. You need to be able to magickally shoot without even blinking.


Really? Why? The kids and entire families of families who’s ideas have been stolen are suffering because of the actions of these dirt bags. You think those kids aren’t going without? Without the food they should have been able to eat? The clothes? Homes? Safety? Educations? Everything is changed by these dirt bags stealing the ideas and hard work of people who have often put in countless hours of blood, sweat and tears (and time away from their families and the finances lost by having spent it on their inventions that were ultimately STOLEN) I am sorry. Call me whatever you want but you make MY children suffer and go without? Your children deserve the same suffering. Take the clothes off my kid’s back and the food out her mouth and I WILL see to it that you and your children suffer the same. I am going to also make SURE that my name is echoing in your head and your sleep is interrupted and the guilt will destroy you until you come to me begging to make things right> If they are so blind and or morally BANKRUPT that they have nothing inside to touch they WILL loose EVERYTHING. I lived in shelters and the worst neighborhoods and those bastards who stole MY idea send their kids to the best schools and live in secure gated communities. MY kid gets to go to a school with dope needles on the ground in the playground. If they did not steal my idea who knows. I may not have been able to send her to the best schools, but maybe, just maybe it would have been a better environment than I had to live in for a while until I got our butts out of there. Do not tell me someone with a conscience and morals like THAT is raising their children to be wonderful and selfless people. They will be the same selfish uncaring people. SO I say give them a piece of their own medicine and MAYBE living in a little lack will teach them to be better people. I do not curse a lot, but when I do, believe me, I do it well. Show mercy to those who show you mercy. Cut off the hands of those who steal from you.

Edit: As a matter of fact you are doing them and the world around them a disservice by NOT teaching them a lesson they will never forget. Hurt me and I get over it. Hurt my family and you will find no mercy.


to be fair, those kids are probably going to suffer no matter what laith does. Even if he doesnt directly target his kids, bringing financial ruin to the breadwinner of the house will have a trickle-down effect. So i mean, theres not a whole lot you can do there. Hurting none other than the target in baneful workings is almost impossible unless the person was already a social pariah. The final decision is with laith, and in the spirit of balg, i encourage everyone to help him accomplish the desired result in whatever way you feel is best. Laith was greatly wronged here and cheated of a greater future, so i say set fire to his (the perpetrators) life. Perhaps it will be a humbling experience for him


The World is run off this. You can visualize it being like a Meat Grinder. Likewise… you can also visualize it being like a Samsara Circus, where you get to see all the weird animals hard at work, while the dumbed down crowd watches and pays for it. The lackeys (very bottom of company) get to hold the whip, and the CEO of the Circus gets to kick back and collect.


Oh? Then answer me this:

If some family member of yours were to commit a crime against me, would you be ok with me punishing you? Over and over, until you die or end up on the verge of dying? Or perhaps torturing you in some regard and making your life ultimately miserable? Even though you did nothing wrong; it was your family member.

Would you sit there and say “this is okay, I deserve to be punished for the actions of my family member?” Sounds awful lot like something a Christian would say, no?

If your answer is no, then you’re a hypocrite.

Funny how fast these cursing topics fall into the downward spiral of moral purity. I’m sorry but if you really mean to kill someone with magick then wasting one minute worrying about the victim’s family and friends will all most guarantee it’s going to fail. And if that really bothers some people then don’t do the goddamn curse in the first place. :rolling_eyes:


I prefer more surgical results. You won’t see me doing scorched earth tactics unless shit hits the fan, causing it to fly off and decapitate the midget-hobo-jehovah’s-witness outside my window.

For me, it would depend on who it was, and what they did, I take some things more seriously than others.


I adhere to the principle of Lex Talionis. An eye for an eye. Although that’s not to say that I’ll mimic the wrongdoing of the person who wrongs me. Rather, I’ll make sure that the guilty person experiences the punishment THEY deserve, meaning I try to keep the collateral damage to the minimum. As much as I can, anyway.


This is cold hearted, but I follow the old saying " all is fair in love and war" when you decide that you are ready to go after something or someone, you better be OK with the idea of innocent people getting hurt, possibly seriously hurt or worse.

This applies to any magical operation, including money and prosperity workings. If you do a magical working to help your business, you better accept the possibility that your competitor, who might be a very nice guy, could suffer because of it.

… and if you can’t handle that possibility, it’s time for you to turn in your black magician card and go sing Kumbaya around the campfire.


What about targeting, when cursing, so you just death curse the enemy, any way when cursing your enemy his or her may have loved ones as well, they be still alive burying your enemy, thats okay with me.

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I agree. I do not actually go the route of the curse much for this reason. If I am going to follow through in such a fashion I take the W.T. Sherman approach of total warfare. In such a case I would not care less if anyone suffered along with the target because (reasons). Or, as Conan the Cimmerian more eloquently puts it:


I also want to add this. There is no profit in revenge… Usually.
It’s pretty easy to get all pissed off and want to hurt somebody, but is it really going to accomplish anything for you or is it a huge waste of your time? Maybe the satisfaction of seeing an enemy suffer can be beneficial to a person. I’m not really sure.


I suppose if you are a psychic vampire like me and find it hard to find a target that you can morally justify (I mean I am grateful to have people who willingly consent without coercion or obligation to a bit of harmless draining, but not everyone is so fortunate), then revenge is a great excuse for draining someone. It both sates your emotional urges and actually fulfills a purpose.