How many ritual a day is enough

Recently I have been doing quite a few Magickal workings and sometimes I feel like I’m doing a bit much. Is it too much to do 3 to 4 sperate Magickal workings a day? I’m not doing Magick out of desperation I’m just doing as much as I can while I have free time.

How much Magick would you guys say is too much?

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Is it all for one thing or for many things. There is such thing as too much Magick and you start canceling out your own spells, but if each ritual is for something else they won’t cancel each other. Sadly there’s isn’t a Magick number for “too much Magick”.


I applied the advice of consecutive workings as a way to facilitate the psychological retraction, and so one or a few times I did a series of sigil spells.
In such a case it’s possible to either feel that it’s enough or to have the indicator of starting to be exhausted.

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Depends on what you’re doing, if you’re doing long rituals which is unnecessary, I’d say do none or just 1 a day, if I were you id focus more on meditation, qigong, breathwork, kundalini, middle pillar, yoga, and maybe a small candle magick ritual, I mix things up

For example I’ll do qigong and middle pillar together

Meditation and breathwork together

Yoga in the morning

But ritual magick, the simpler the better, especially if you’re doing more than 1, I’m currently doing the 72 Shem and goetia challenge, and I summon a pair of angels and demons every 2 days, I don’t use sigils, I simply call on angels, light a candle and trace a pentagram to summon

You want to simplify magick, the best way to do this in my opinion is, building your magical power which is mostly energy work, imagination and integrating the coding into your physical body in some form of exercise, a lot of people get into magick without the foundation which creates a lot of magical doubt from the get go, regardless if you’re new or not, one thing is for certain, the more you meditate, the less you feel the need to manifest, the less you desire the things you desire, your frequency no longer lacks those things but this only goes for low magick if you ask me

Honestly there is no right answer to your question, but ethically speaking doing 4 rituals in one day would feel unnecessary to me, it’s also good to take things slow and steady, what most people don’t understand is, magick doesn’t happen beyond your consciousness, the tools are merely extensions of the consciousness, you can do it all in your head with your energy through meditation, you can build etheric structures and create in the astral plane, which I feel like is more important at least first before doing ritual magick

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I think as long as you have a “magickal spectrum” you are probably fine.

What I mean is different angles or levels to your magick.

3 or 4 rituals for the same thing is probably over kill.

But usually for me I do
2 weekly rituals (one ritual everyday) , they are both long term workings, one is for success and the other is more spiritual.
Then I usually do 2 or 3 rituals to solve problems this will be with the 72 angels, the angels of alchemy, with the 72 fold name of god, with demons
or classic sigil magick.

My problem solving magick is for immediate results or within the next few months or weeks, whereas the long term workings are over a couple months, with success magick taking a full year. Obviously some of the magick I do empowers my success magick but they are on different timelines and working from different sources.

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