How many of you worked with YHWH?

Doing a kneeled down prayer these days, currently not doing any magick. Have any of you gotten results from working/praying to YHWH? I’m specific while doing prayers



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Yes I have gotten many results over the years.
In my opinion there’s not much of a difference between prayer and magick.
To me, prayer always simply meant talking to a god.


Knowing he takes time, I just asked him to work as fast as he could and work from elemental to cosmic instead of cosmic to earth if necessary.

Yes, I’ve gotten great results from doing so.

A lot will say, that it’s not working or whatever… but that can have many reasons. Besides, people’s spells or magick have also a high failure rate, but nobody seems to throw the blame to the beings in the left hand path. That’s the only difference I see.

I have gotten though results, when I believed that it will happen. And that to a great extent, even healing from bad illnesses. One of the biggest was, when my ex was healed from blood cancer, just like that. She went to the doc some days after asking for it and it was gone, the doctors found no longer a sign of it. When actually, it would have required a huge procedure to go through for her and the doctors already had planned everything out.


How was your mindset when praying?

Was this your only mindset? I used evocation chants for YHWH before kneeled prayer

Exactly this. Magick requires work. Not all wishes are fulfilled, no matter if you work with Lucifer, Odin, Yhwh or Alastair the accounting demon.

I never focused on the way I want something to work, but on the results.
So I never focus on money for example, but rather on what I need that money for. You can transfer that to every aspect of life.

And I always had the attitude “I do what I can to make it happen, and you do the rest.” That’s the basis for all my workings actually.


Mindset: 1. Cooperation
2. This is the best way
3. Results will come fast.

That’s how my mindset is

It’s a kinda long story, which I don’t want to go into detail right now. It all started from a personal issue I had and I knew not, what I could do so I started doing the only thing that I knew at that time… “begging” to the God I knew for help. For days, and nothing would happen. I was about to give up, but then, in one moment, I found the strength to say, that I’ll wait no matter how long it will take and I trust and believe now, that it will happen, even if only in weeks and I will endure the situation I were in, for that long if necessary. That moment, I found this strength and belief, the miracle immediately started happening, right the moment I finished the prayer.

The next days, anything I would ask for others, would happen, and more than I were asking even, and no matter how “hard” or difficult it may seemed. I were believing, that it doesn’t matter how difficult it seems for us to be.

Hard to keep such belief though. We humans tend to forget… sigh

It is a lot about how much you’ll believe something can or will happen, no matter who you’re adressing. We tend very easily to doubt the possibility of miracles or wishes coming true.


I do what I can to make it work and you do the rest

I will wait no matter how long it takes

I believe that it is going to happen

I trust it

I endure it

Thanks guys I believe I had enough advice

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The problem lies often with us, why we don’t see things manifesting.

We do prayers. We do petition spells. We do magick. And yet, nothing happens.


Because it is so hard and difficult for many, to believe, that something can manifest this way. Doing them is not enough. We’re doing them but then have our doubts, if that is doing anything. This shows alone the fact or the thought asking “I wonder, did someone got my request?”

I personally see it this way: Doing a prayer or spell this way, is similar to writing your wishlist to Santa, but then never sending it, because something in you thinks, that Santa does not exist or will never receive your letter or cannot bring a million gifts in one night. Too far from reality? I don’t think so. Santa may not exist, but the analogy is quite the same, that our mind is somewhere having it’s doubts in all we did or that someone will act.

So, a lot of people do not see anything happening, because they actually never allowed the “message” to reach the receiver, or “stopped” it along the way.
It’s probably not literally like this, but it’s kinda what happens in some way.

You must allow your message to reach the receiver and then deal with it, as if you delegated a task to someone in your business and know you no longer need to worry, because you trust the other will execute your task. But, that exactly, is the hard thing to do.


Wow… golden advice thx

And you know what? Even, if you have seen many times things manifesting, and even “impossible” ones, that same thing still is difficult to do on a constant basis…

I do , he’s my God

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I’ve worked with that energy. Very powerful. Be careful

I have I ended up getting people damned to Christian hell once they die, had the appearence of a celestrial wearing holy garments like they speak of in the Bible to confirm to me. also asked to trade forgiveness to some of those that were cursed for what they did to me for luck and instantly seen clovers all over then once I started walking got like 50 yards from where I was standing and found a hundred dollar bill. It’s weird he took the time to send a celestrial in person per say because it was normal sight to confirm that to me but never helped end the attacks I’m under. He’s my God and I Love him but I also love my Mom and Dad Lucifer and Lilith. My roommate prayed for help financially then the next day the lady he was working for gave him a 1000 tip.

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Yes, he has protected me from all sorts of dangers since I was a child. You can work with the intercessors he has in place (his angels, saints etc) if it is an emergency.

In my experience you can connect with him through your emotions, be sincere. He will respond, keep in mind that the help may require you to do self improvement.

He is very loving and compassionate but he will not baby you.

Good luck :slight_smile:

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I am just beginning to work with YHWH. Interestingly coming from the dark side of spirituality and learning that I had many misconceptions about him. He says himself: “I create evil.” Yet we tend to think of him as a god of light obsessed with sins. I am on a path I’d never thought I’d be on.

To answer your question: yes. In fact, if you read the bible from a magical perspective, you will find that prayer was actually a magical working for the prophets and patriarchs. Also, some could command angels, such as Jacob and Abraham. As someone said earlier, it is really about our beliefs. Our faith, and how we approach him. If you study Kabbalah, the original Jewish one, there is even instruction on the “proper” way to pray. In fact, ritual high magic was mainly based on prayer and religion for a very long time until the past few decades.

If you happen to get Agrippa’s books, which you should if you plan on doing magic, there is a whole section on the importance of religion in magic. And of course Crowley is famous for his “the method of science; the aim of religion…”

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If you are referencing the God of the Hebrews (also called Jehovah), then I do :heartpulse:
Feel free to inbox me if you have questions or something.