How many of you believe in almighty god?

David r. Hawkins in his book Power vs. Force said the highest energy tolerated by the human body is 1,000. At Oneness With God, Manifest and Unmanifest. In his books he says names at that level. Krishna, Buddha, Jesus Christ, Brahman, Mazda, Zoroaster ( known as Zarathustra ). He also says God = Consciousness, Godhead = Awareness, the Supreme is beyond even Awareness.
Osho says this about God and Consciousness as well. in the Book of Secrets
Hawkins states “God is not a disturbed child or parent.” And in another place, ““The Karmic Unity we call God””. This is just his view on it. As he says in his autobiography in the book, “Compared with the splendor of Divinity, the god or religion shone dully indeed”". He says he had a direct experience with Divinity.


That’s just it… it feels like that the real fight is yet to come…and when it does i feel like I’d be useless, like I didn’t stand a chance no matter how hard I try lool :woman_facepalming:t5: Yet no room for submission

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Well you are forgetting shiva was the one who gave 114 ways to enlightenment and buddha followed 1 way to be enlightened. You are forgetting shiva was the one who cut off 1 head of brahma after his that head started having feeling of lust. You are forgetting he was the one who almost killed narayan. You are forgetting his name na ma shi va ya describes all 5 elements. You are forgetting he was the one who killed kam deva as he tried to implant lust inside shiva. You are forgetting his nataraja form describes the creation as well as destruction, it decribes the movement of atom as well as the movement of universe thats why his nataraja statue is in cern. You are forgetting he chopped the head of ganesh because of his attitude. You are forgetting his third eye is so powerful that it can destroy everything. You are forgetting his name itself says that which is not. Meaning he is the ultimate nothingness.

When we aree children we eventually think: "What would it feel to go to sleep and never wake up? I tell you when you find yourself in a dream, you know deep down the dream you is an echo, a cheap copy. So are all the people recreated by your head.

Now, when you wake up, the echo you of your dream dissapears forever. In this very aspect, you are Brahman, Vishnu and Shiva for your echo creations.

What makes you so sure you are not an echo too?

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I didnt quite get you

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You sure are preaching a lot of Hinduism here like Shiva, Brahma, etc…

Give us another example, not from Hinduism but from something else. What about the Greek Pantheon? Slavic? Nordic?

Also I agree with what @DarkestKnight has said. Also no, I don’t think the names you mentioned are "almighty gods".

I never said they are almighty gods. I just have faith in him so i worship him as almighty. But he said that he is not even enlightened so i replied that.

When you get shot or die inn a dream, you wake up.
Maybe this is the eternal process of life and death: Waking up.
Brahman is the dream, Vishnu the dreamer, and Shiva the waker.

Oh i get you now.

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I think some are forgetting one’s Almighty God/dess isn’t another’s Almighty God/ddess, or one’s Almighty isn’t an individual but creation itself :man_shrugging:

Yeah maybe.

More like it is lol, as this thread proves, many have their own “almighty whatever” and each one is valid because in the end everyone is speaking on their own Almighty rather than thinking their Almighty is someone else’s.

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Yeah, But i got shaken when he mention shiva is not even enlightened. Like he is known as 1st yogi.

Who? Maulbeere? I wouldn’t take it to heart which I can understand if unable given it’s your faith but it’s honestly just what this thread is her belief and nothing more

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Oh okay

For me its simple. I exist in awareness. I didn’t get asked to be in it. Look for that which made self. Seek the end / erasure. Its rather intolerable I wasn’t asked if i wanted to exist. Can’t really believe what another reveals. Perhaps all are deceivers or perhaps they’re just self imposed deceptions and shades that mean nothing. Perhaps self is just alone in a void creating and not realizing the prison it really is in (infinite void soiled with self existence).

I believe and have experienced a supreme god. But i feel as if he has rejected me, so fine i started worshipping demons instead.