How many grimoires do you know?

Hi!, a question for all…how many grimoires do you know? I know the existence of few:
1.Lesser key of salomon.
2.the book of san Cipriano.
3.the book of azazel.
4.the kingdom of fire.

I know of a few. I have several I have never looked at just in case I want or need to look up something, most on a cd from which is a good first stop I think.

I have one that is more of a compilation of various texts and grimoires by Idres Shah called The Secret Lore of Magic which goes over some interesting Middle Eastern grimoric methods that I have not seen elsewhere (although I usually work with my own personal contacts and my own grimoire, not much with other peoples grimoric spirits)

I’ll only post on here the ones I have read and/or own physically. I know a LOT more than this list, however.

1.) PanParadox
2.) Fosforos
3.) The Devil’s Dozen
4.) Dragon Of The Two Flames
5.) Drauga
6.) AMSG
7.) Sekhem Apep
8.) Qliphoth IV
9.) Legion 49
10.) Traditional Witchcraft
11.) The Dragon Book of Essex
12.) The Book of Azazel
13.) Azoetia
14.) The Sitra Achra
15.) Ordo Ascensum Aetyrnalis
16.) Ipissimus
17.) The Catechism of Lucifer
18.) Qutub
19.) pURSAKYNGI - The Essence of Thursian Sorcery
20.) Works of Darkness
21.) Qabalah, Qliphoth, and Goetic Magic

Best of luck with your journey.