How many Evocation Rituals can a Magician do in one day?

Hey, guys! I’m a very pragmatic guy, and have been reading a lot about evocations and still have found nothing about this. Again, I’m a beginner here, but have been practicing for quite a while now.

How many evocations can someone do EFFECTIVELY in one day? I’m at this very moment very into Solomonic Goetia.

I’ve tried to summon about 2 spirits at the same day at two different rituals. One after the other.
I don’t know how practical that can be.
The second one, I have not felt as much of a presence or perhaps it was just my lack of belief I could pull it off, and maybe this is for the more experienced.

And one other thing: I usually do the LBRP before and after. Do you reckon I should do the LBRP before EVERY evocation, but since I’ve decided to do one evocation after the other could I stick with this? Or maybe should I do with one LBRP in between?


I generally invoke rather than banish after a ritual, unless I want all spirits to depart.
Banish before bed is the general rule, invoke at all times except before start of a ritual.
Ive evoked up to five in one ritual as they were necessary.
Evoke kings first, then down to knights.


You can do as many evocations per day as you want, though if done properly, evocations are physically, and spiritually, exhausting.

The LBRP is supposed to be done before and after every evocation, but if you are doing two evocations back to back, then performing it before the first one, and after the second ritual, will suffice.

Also, you might want to try a search next time to save people from repeating themselves. This exact question was asked a few weeks ago.


Depends on you really.


I’ve evoked 5 beings in one ritual, 9 if you count calling the quarters. If you can muster the energy to do it, it’s possible, but you’ll be beat afterwards. It’ll drain you to do multiple major workings in a day!


I think it was six, the most I’ve ever evoked at one time.
I tend to get energized around Demons so their energy kinda made up for the energy I lost while conjuring em up.


Oh yeah … Forgot about planetary and enochian conjurations, as well as the four to eight quarters.
Evoking each planet for the ritual had a pair of enochian entries, so there is up to twelve, then the quarters, up to sixteen, then the five entities, twenty one total … Yes, that put me down for a week.

I evoked nine and their legions so anywhere between 3-10 million beings… Most invocations at once was 156.

It depends on you entirely. How many do you want to do? How long have you been doing this?

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