How many days should one

do preparatory immersion before evoking an entity??..

or is it okay to choose an entity , draw out the sigil and perform a full blown evocation 10 mins later without any preparatory immersion?

what is best?? are both okay??? thoughts? questions? concerns?

How much information do you have before hand of the spirit? The less you know the better it is to immerse yourself. The more you know the more your already immersed to a degree. If you’ve called it before and are familiar it shouldn’t be a big problem.

All the information i have is wat is written under the sigil about the spirit. U suggest to meditate on the spirit and sigil for a few days and find out things telepathically directly from the spirit before doing the evocation?

the spirits told me exactly what i must do to prepare myself for evocation

I open the sigil and meditate on it for several days to a month if it takes that long to know what I need to know.

I’ll be doing a pathworking with Belial later this month and will outline the steps I take along the way.

I think of it as there is a wholly different kind of relationship if you just met someone to work with, vs getting to know so that when you start-off a project what/how each contributes is clear (and the situation is known)… for ex just people, if someone sets a meeting walks in and starts talking about a project/job/invitation to something (vs having an introduction by a common known). -Some many times we see exs in media/stories, let alone all around, of someone that comes in on the fly (vs walk-in knowing about the person they are talking to, proposal in hand that is relevant to short and long-term interests of both parties… how know how to do that? contact)

slightly off-topic but seems to illuminate: an ex of a Venture-Capital firm that doesn’t take “drop-ins” nor post their phone#, even their website is a few pages of summary, but the “contact” says that they only communicate with those that come recommended via a previous client of their’s

(i.e. no submissions by email; common understanding is that can't be how a biz works, you have to put your-self out there...  but in the "common understanding" (~contrarion) the idea is to base a relationship on supposition of the usual, mixed with each new you have to explain how you do things, negotiate of the way to operate/ explain we-do this/we-don't do that, etc...    Different ways)    relevance to this: mutual selection process of elimination (and/or referral to else?) prior to working? or just so and so= application, all comes down to Contact.