How magick works?

i just want to know how magick actually works ?
i mean do spirits, demons … actually exist or they are just our creation ? and all those rituals and spells do they have real power or just for show ? where the real power comes from ? what is the key ?
why do we have to study the occult for years with all the philosophies, i just dont have time for that.
what is the source ? the simple real way to acquire magical power, to achieve realization of the truth and to be free from everything time space life and death itself ?

Spirits do actually exist.
Rituals don’t have power. The power comes from the practitioner and the spirit. Hence why you can be a beginner and fail at spells advanced people have no issue with, cuz you’re not strong enough.
The reason you have to study? Firstly, the occult works by complex symbolism and correspondences. Secondly, there are many basics which you must build upon in order to do more advance things. For example, you must be able to banish before summoning a spirit, lest they turn against you.
Thirdly, the study also comes with practice. As you advance on the path, you will grow in power if you practice smaller rituals that gradually get bigger. There are also exercises such the MPR which, performed daily, will naturally increase your capacity for power. If you don’t have time for that, don’t waste our time. You will not be successful without patience.
There is no simple way. When you get to the point where you can summon spirits and converse with them, you’ll get a step closer.

If you want to overcome death, close your eyes, imagine someone firing a machine-gun right into you, but the bullets just bounce off and you’re still alive, and the person vanishes in a puff of smoke.

Or, if you want money, imagine a bundle of currency in your hands, heavy and you know there are stacks more like it on your bed as well.

That’s easy, right?

The hard part of magick is taking what’s in your head and making it happen in the world.

Maybe not machine-guns and bundles of cash, but still - making the exernal, objective, and mass-observed outer reality comply to your will, just like it’s a particularly vivid daydream.

You might think that there’s a lot of fluff and padding, and perhaps there is, but just like the “A is for Apple” cards they use at school, some of that stuff is to assist in learning new ideas that, at first, make no sense without a context.

where the real power comes from ? what is the key ?

…what is the source ?

It’s my opinion that a book called The Kybalion has a lot of answers on this, but opinions vary - anyway you can easily find it online, it’s been out of copyright for years.

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Excuse me, but you sound very much like a Muggle!
Coming on this forum page and asking questions about whether demons actually exist? You should already have settled that in your mind before!
I may be wrong of course, but my mind boggles at your questions.

There’s nothing wrong with someone asking questions.

Hi angel,

I’m assuming you’re new to magic and the occult. I am too :slight_smile:
When I landed on the BALG website and saw E.A. Koetting’s introduction video I thought he was either crazy or a scam artist. But I didn’t have all the answers. I come from a religious background and I was willing to give 10 years of my life to that sphere of influence without questioning a single doctrine so I thought why dismiss this guy so hastily?

I signed up for his Mastering Evocation course and reviewed the videos. At first I had my doubts I thought it was just hysteria and hallucinations. As I put the exercises into practice I had strange and mystifying experiences. I am now starting to believe that there is a powerful force(s) that I am tapping into. With each practice I seem to get closer and closer. I still don’t have all the answers but I am making progress.

I would encourage beginners like me to start off with basic exercises such as getting into the Theta/Gamma Sync, activating Sigils, scrying etc…
Give it a go and if you have any questions ask the experts. This community is full of helpful people.