How long will it take me to get my ex back with magic

If I summon a demon to bring my ex back how long will it be before she comes back

Keep doing this,and you wont be able to.
Stop lusting results people !!! This wont get any of you anywhere.

Sorry if I sound mean,just trying to help to you.


But how will I get results if I stop

I said stop lusting results.

Yes but how will doing that bring me results? What if my magic fails? I need to see tangible results asap

That’s just not how it works. Obsessing over the result can cripple any working, you need to just calm down and let what you’ve already done start to flow :slight_smile:


You arent believing ? We are in a magick forum lol,you gotta start doing that.

So I just need to believe and results will happen the way I want it to?

Believe your work,forget the ritual when you are done with it,dont lust results,also start meditating and reading magick stuff for better results.

Do I have to forget the woman and the relationship too or just the ritual

What magic stuff do you suggest I read

Really, you would be better off using magick to attract someone new, either online or IRL. You’ve never met the girl in person, right? How do you even know it would have worked out? People put masks on over the internet, you know… You never got to know the real person behind the online persona. I think it’s time for you to move on, find someone else to help distract you. If nothing else, the workings you’ve done will be able to flow much smoother once you’ve forgotten about them

Maybe your girl will come back someday, but until then - why stress so much? Try to get your mind off of it, it’s not doing you any good to obsess like this


Remember that your spell work feeds off of your energy, and so when you are constantly thinking about the work, you are feeding it desperation, which only pushes the intended target away. Whenever you feel desperate, try to change that emotion of anxiety into love

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The whole world is at your disposal, I don’t understand how people build their whole existence upon 1 person. I have a great relationship but if at some point we broke up I am secure knowing that I will go on.

Make you the best you, get rid of your crutches or you’ll never walk properly.

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"Ye gods, grant me patience! And I want it now!"


There sir,fixed it for you.

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And this is why you have failed even before you’ve started. Please understand what @Sovereign is trying to explain to you. Learn magickal operations, respect it, perform it, then let it go.

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Why do so many people expect their exes to come back instantly through magick? Magick isn’t a cosmic vending machine. This isn’t the movies, you can’t just “abracadabra” your ex back in 5 minutes! :rofl:

At least take some time to read the Ars Goetia (or whatever grimoire you will be using), learn meditation and divination, and tune up your astral senses. All this could take a while, but you’ll be able to see better results. It will also give you something to do that will take your mind off your ex.


As stated by others earlier in the thread to the work then forget it ergo stop desire for the result and let your magic work. If you keep thinking about the outcome and what you want since that will interfear with your magic.
This is a basic principle and If you know how magic works you should know this, If you dont i will guess you might be a beginner and then frankly you will not be able to pull off the work you want before the basics is mastered and at that time your ex might be to far away from your reach aswell but that might be for the better.

To answer your question: It depends on the circumstances, what history do you have together, how strong was the relationship, what caused the breakup and so on. May take 2 weeks might take months.
Honest piece of advice thou you should distance yourself from your ex to think clear, obssesion over something or someone is seldom good, and this is one of those times. Been there done that.

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“21 days!”

I’m only kidding. I know you would prefer it to happen in the quickest time possible, but love magick can sometimes take months, maybe even years of consistent work.

It all depends on the circumstance–eg; how bad a break-up, and especially your own personal progress in life. The point is for the magick to help persuade your lover to see you with new eyes. Otherwise, the work won’t stick. So get to working on yourself.

Good luck.