How long does it take for love spells to take affect?

i had purchased a love spell back in September for $250. long story short, i kept contacting this person and they said to keep waiting and to be patient. it’s the end of march now and nothing has changed in our relationship and i’m wondering what the reason could be? she keeps telling me that it worked but it can take a really really really long time to really see changes. did i get scammed? i have no idea what to do from here

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Are there scammers out there? Yes, especially in this niche BUT that doesn’t mean that she scammed you. The thing with spells like these is that you have to let the desire go so it can actually manifest.

It looks to me like you have this intense desire for love but instead of letting it float into the universe, you hold on to it. Of course, nothing will ever happen.

Look at your desire like your own child. In order for your child to develop into a well-functioning adult, you need to stop holding it back.

My advice: Let it go. Empty your mind and let your desire wander off into the universe. Give it a chance to manifest. Know that things have been set into motion and it is done.
It is done is the key phrase to remember here.
Trust the process

Hope this helped


I agree with servitor here.

There are several big reasons “love” spells fail, in my experience.

One is the inability of the person wanting the spell to let go and let it work, despite the relationship likely not being functional to begin with or fantasy in the case of a non-existent relationship.

Another is that there isn’t a clear path between the two people, which lends itself to fantasy and nothing like reality.

A third is where there was an existing relationship, but the other party is in a more “healthy” place mentally and emotionally and not willing to go back to a degraded state of the previous relationship.

The fourth is where the person’s Will was subverted for a bit, but strengthens itself and they are no longer willing (or less willing and resistant) to remain in that type of relationship.

Mix and match as you will.

If you think you can subvert the will of another and there are no repercussions, you need to rethink that.

My advice is to instead cast for someone that is more suitable. If you find yourself in one of the above, you’ll have to anyhow.

The more healthy long-term outlook would be to petition to a Goddess/Entity and ask them to bring you someone suitable. Does that mean forever? No. Neither does what you’ve had in the past. But casting against a compatible (more consenting) partner is much easier, with a lot less blowback.

As I would suggest to myself in this situation, I would also work on those parts of myself that are…less appealing…to partners I am seeking.

Best of luck.


i would agree with what you have stated but they told me specifically that all i needed not to have was doubt and that i could keep desiring them. i didn’t really doubt throughout the whole time. i thought about the target way less and for the most part i was fine and i had a knowing. sure i was anxious but i always had a constant knowing. i feel like i would do much better off doing one myself instead now but i’m unsure if it would affect all of the energy and make it worse

thank you! i’ll try to work on these things

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Dude, it’s rough when you REALLY want something. Best of luck.

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Allrt, straight up for a return can be 3 weeks to 2 months, for a binding 3 weeks, for a come to me,it be days, but depend tradicion also. But basically if you do a love spell,and after 4 months u don’t see any results such unblock.see tat person around or know somebody tat know tat person .let go and do a come to me,/ binding at same time, or close the heart,/ feelings ,and do a glamour on yourself so tat person no have another choice but you.

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It takes four cycles of the moon for any spell to take effect. With this being said, you may have been scammed. To cast a simple love spell, light a pink candle with the desired target’s name engraved on the candle. Anoint it with holy oil and light it at the hour of Venus.

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it really is! thank you!

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Magick in and of itself is incalculable, this is a illogical science not quantified through numerical sequences, measurements of shape, time or anything of the mundane state. The energies, powers, beings, forces and intelligences called on in these rites are aware of things we can never hope to perceive.

Blockages, hurdles, obstacles, they await and choose and work gradually in some instances to ensure they can manipulate things on the nuance of levels. The manifestation of desire can materialise sometimes in literal minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, you name it. All due to outside extuentaing circumstances and variables which are at play.

Usually exacerbated and complicated by our own foolish overthinking, doubt, or not facilitating the magick at hand. The magick has to work through the stagnant limitations of this world by circumventing through multiple routes and avenues, sometimes for even the most simplest of things.

It is best not to think on such matters or measure it in time as doing so can (sometimes) derail the magick at hand, for it is your very own conscious, subconscious or unconscious minds influence which ties this magick altogether within you’re own subjective reality, grounded within the proper context of objective reality.

Although this is what i will say i recommend if your still lusting for results even a little bit, do things on your end which get rid of that desire. One of my favourite things to do is meditate and in that meditation allow the emotions and thoughts associated with that desire to overwhelm you to the point of such intensity that the very energy of desire can be felt and gains a critical mass. At which point you inhale deeply, hold that breath for a few seconds then as you exhale vibrate the mantra ‘AHH’ its a mantra of release, literally releasing your attachment to the outcome, releasing your desire and intentions back out into the universe.


Love magick is one of the most complex, tricky and unpredictable areas of magick. There are so many variables that come into play. In terms of avoiding scammers, always go to someone reputable and recommended by others you know where possible. The best results with love magick will usually come from you doing your own rituals as you have the emotional connection to the other individual. Best of luck.


To be honest,youust practice at least 3 years of any kind of Magicka to be versed in a thing,besides others works,u can do all the faith and pour in candle,but are certain details to follow,such clean space rgt incense,right ritual and velacion which is light candles for a amount of time, , and certain sports not matter wat culture you follow

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Love spells take the longest to manifest. Be patient, let it go. It will work out in the end.

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makes sense. i would assume the more details i add the more stable it should become but not everything is for certain with magick. i know meditation can help me. thank you for the reply!

Love spells, though probably the most popular, are also the most prone to failure.
Before casting a love spell, first you need to be brutally honest with yourself and ask the question: Do I truly have a chance? Will I, or the other person, get true benefits and happiness from this? If not, better forget about it, because in case it actually works, things could turn real bad in the long run. Forced love can turn ugly.


Any spell? Or any ‘love’ spell? Just curious where you got this number from. Personal experience? I’ve had results in 2 days, 2 weeks, 3 months, 8 months - all for different rituals.

Did you get scammed? No idea. But the caster is right, it can take months to see changes, or even longer. I’d guess she is telling you it worked because you keep contacting her anxious about seeing nothing, which is what is called lust for results, and can prevent the ritual from working. Attention/perception collapses probability into reality; right now your attention and perception are focused on “nothing’s changed, this spell isn’t working”.

Have a look around the forum and maybe try and pick up some tips and techniques for getting over lust for results :slight_smile:


now being aware of this as i have been. what would the worst case scenario be?

If you are looking for a free love spell to attract love into your life, read the past six hours of my journal. Its in there somewhere.

The only costs to you might be: the candles, the ginger oil (or ginger root, coffee filters, a jar, and olive oil, razor blades as well to razor slice the ginger root to soak in the oil. Just like you might do with garlic). Also the rose quartz.

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