How long before asking on an update from GAAP?

Called upon gaap to break up two people as I heard he worked fast! How long do you wait before results manifest themselves?

1 week?

2 weeks?

1 month?

It’s been nearly 2 weeks and no change in the situation. I was thinking of contacting him again for an update but I don’t want to be constantly asking him.

When would you write off the spell as a failure and looks for alternatives?

Fast is a relative term. In the time cycle of the universe, a millennium would be considered fast.

There are so many variables that it is impossible to say how long it will take a spirit to act on your behalf. It takes as long as it takes.

Is the target protected?

Is the target’s will stronger than yours?

Are there other forces working against your magick?

These are all things that could hold up the result. So could your impatience, aka “Lust of Result.”

Personally, on difficult tasks, I will generally wait one month for a sign of progress, and two before considering the ritual a complete failure because sometimes there is movement behind the scenes where it can’t be seen, like your target couple being happy in public, but arguing behind closed doors.

However, after two weeks, it is fine to call the spirit again and ask for an update. Maybe ask him to provide you a sign of progress to set your mind at ease and help you let go.

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Thank you so much for that brilliant response. In your experience is it beneficial for 2 or more demons to work towards the same goal or let one demon focus on the task whether it’s love, money e.t.c. do they get in each others way so to speak if multiple are called towards same goal. And she is not protected by any magkck but she is incredibly stubborn…she didn’t see romance and that’s what she wanted in the end, she kept coming back for just sex for months, knew how to hit her buttons…called upon sallos but no luck yet, that was over two weeks

It is most beneficial if the two demons are working on different aspects of the same goal, in other words, steps toward the final result, but if the spirits work well together, then yes, they can be tasked with the same thing. This works well if the demons are known to go about the work differently. A good example is using the Archangel Raphael and the Goetic President Marbas for healing. Raphael calls on cosmic energy form the top down, and Marbas calls upon more physical energies from the bottom up to accomplish the task.

However, it can be tricky because some demons don’t get along well with others. There can be personality clashes, and personal grudges, so as a beginner, I would recommend sticking with one demon for now.

Most beginners are under the impression that more demons always equals more power but that is not necessarily true.

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Yes, I’m guilty of that thinking process I currently have.

For love






Would you say that is to many? If so do I narrow down the demons… how would I go about “cancelling” a request if needed…obviously want to do it correctly and respectfuly to them or can I let it carry on working.

Sorry for so many questions, I’m a magical sponge, trying to absorb as much knowledge as I can.

I would say the three demons listed under Love are too many. One is enough.

You should hop on the forum’s search function, and look up *layering." Layering is the proper way to use different spirits to accomplish the same goal.

There is a layered love spell in the Love section that might give you some ideas.

To cancel a request, just call the spirit again, tell them that you have changed your mind, thank them for their work on your behalf, and give them an offering.

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