How likely is it to get possessed by a malicious spirit during an evocation?

I’m planing to try evoking a spirit from Konstantinos’ book Summoning spirits, what really terrifies me is the possibility that I could get attacked or possessed by a malicious spirit not the one I’m evoking, how likely is this to happen if I strictly follow all the needed banishing rituals mentioned in the book like the pentagram and the other protection methods ?
Is it possible that I get possessed despite of taking all the protection precautions ?

it is highly unlikely.

It has never happened to me in my entire decade of practice and I evoke using EA’s methods, without the LBRP or the hexagram rituals.

With the LBRP, you set up a boundary in your space, backed up by the power of the Archangels. The only thing getting in is whatever you let in.


thank you so much, the fear of getting possessed was the main barrier, I’ll give it a try as soon as I feel I had enough training to awaken my astral abilities

Take it from the voice of experience, if you do not put up decent wards, then you’re setting yourself up at some point.

Let’s just say I’ve had my own experience with dealing with low-level beings sneaking into unsanctified circles.

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Not all beings on the lowest levels are “low beings.” In fact some of them are alot more advanced tham alot of the higher level beings, as some of them also exist on the higher levels.

Whenever I say lower-level entities, I’m typically only referring to parasites, and entities that only exists to Vamp off of your energy, with no return affect ever.

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