How likely is it that I can get my ex back

Not very high, I wish you would have put thought into your name, it seems like you just did it real quick and want movie magick to repair your life LOL
I’m sensing a trolling type personality!


You said you haven’t talked to him a year have you wanted to get back him this whole time or is this a thought?

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Its because I wanted an easy to remember name.

Yes I have wanted him back all the time

Ok, I will try using the search for spells. Thank you

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Has he moved on? and how old are you may I ask, so I can make sure my responses are appropriate.

He met someone else but they are taking a break from each other

I am 24, he is 25

I didnt try to be rude, this was my point.

Thanks @Xag_darklight


If you WANT him back (and if you’re really hurting or undergoing withdrawal symptoms), don’t count on it.

If you decide you DON’T want him back, he just might turn obsessive (I speak from personal experience).


I agree.

Lust is my biggest flaw, but once you begin to don’t give a shit things happen. I understand it’s hard to stop thinking about the person but you have to keep in mind that it will bring you results .


Why did you split in the first place? Yes it is a very important question. I’m sensing alot of unresolved issues in you.

You entire experience corresponds to your consciousness. So, the magic will work as fast and as well as you allow it to shift your consciousness into alignment with your specified outcome. If you allow 100% shift, it will materialise–I don’t care how–instantly. If not, it will materialise in perfect correspondence to your self-concept.

Well, I’m going a little opposite on some comments here and I’ll say that is possible to bring someone back into a relationship even if the target had a move on and it’s on another relationship. I did it sometimes for other people, I did it for me also two times.

But is VERY unlikely that you do this. Because this demands a very specific magickal plan, and after that, this demands some HUGE effort and application, discipline. First, you need to be completely honest and take notes on why and how it ended. You need to see the both sides, the errors, the flaws in your personality. After that, you need to be FUCKING STRONG to not lust about the results. And patient, because it’ll take some time, it can take even years to happen.

This is because you need to make changes on EVERY aspect of your and her lives. And this can’t be reached overnight. Sometimes, you need to do many rituals for each different aspect, countless evocations and you’ll need to pay extremely attention to the changes. If you’re willing to this by yourself, it’ll demand great effort, sometimes so big that normal people can’t do. And with your level of desperation, claiming that you need her back, well, you’ll probably don’t get anything about this, and then you’ll leave magick claiming that anything works. But the problem, in fact, will be always within you.

If you don’t want to do it by yourself, but want to hire a magician to do such thing, you NEED to fully detach from the spell. Waiting for the result, lusting about it, will just delay any results or even prevent it to happen. So, if you willing to do this, you just have to let it go. And we know how difficult it is, right?

So, you’ll need to work on yourself EVEN if you’re willing to hire a magician. And that’s a point that a lot of beginners, and even expert magicians does: they don’t work on themselves.

So, if you’re lusting about results at ANY level, you’ll probably delay magick. And even if it happens overnight, take the advice of people here: it’ll fade when both of you discover that the things that lead to the break up still there.

Also, you need to remember that people change over time. Yourself from this year differs from yourself of the last year. So, if you get her back, have in mind that she is different from the one you used to know. This is also a problem, because if you don’t prepare yourself for that, the shock can be great, and you’ll blame magick for it.

Love magick doesn’t end when you get your main results. Normally, it tends to be worked overtime. Sometimes, you need to work it forever. And even with this, it probably’ll fade and then you have to work it again.

The last and most important tip here: even if you’re willing to do magick to have her back, or willing to spend a lot of money for someone to do this for you, and you’re willing to have the patience that it demands, and if you work on yourself to the point that you can detach from it, also working in your flaws, even with all of this, magick sometimes has his collaterals. For me, once, the girl became so obsessed that it turned on a pain the ass. In this meantime, I lost the interest on the girl, which made it much worse. Imagine yourself being chased all the time and having stuck with this problem, without any interest in the person. It can happen, and you should be warned about it too.

In the end, is too much effort, discipline, money and time to be expended in someone that is not willing to be with you anymore. If you take all of this to employ it in yourself, by working on your flaws, on getting a strong sexual aura and your own attraction, on your wealth and health, you’ll expend much less of all this and you’ll probably have much better results from it. And then, you’ll get a girl that is more suited for you in no time, and will be much happier.

Take this advice on note. You always can do what you want, but even if magick is intended to get you on levels that you normally can’t, you should employ effort on it. And it’s always an exchange: the more difficult, the more effort you need to employ.


You said you need her back, so very unlikely, attachment is an issue here. I imagine youre layering lust spells. Once you think youve failed those lust spells will hit, make her obsessed, and TRUST me. You dont want that unless you wanna watch her go suicidal because a girl waved at you.


I agree with this. Yes, it is possible, but is it really worth the trouble? It is going to take an enormous amount of self restraint not to list for results, gods know how much resources to actually get the working done depending on how you do it, possibly years of your time lost waiting, and if the attachment is not taken care of, you’ll just be opening yourself up to more pain. That’s something you are going to have to weigh yourself.

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lol @uuu I thought you were a guy, sorry it I was mistaken. Do you really want him back after so long? Think before you act, be ready to accept all consequences before you do.

Slim and none and slim left town. To much desperation and any type of love spell with that much desperation will turn around and make you 100x more desperate.

It’s better to trust in your spiritual protectors… guardians… Either way… Sometimes things are better left alone… and let them be as they are… You have a deck or tarot? Draw a few cards… If it’s meant to be, something will draw him back, if it’s not… you will find a better path…

Try this one.
Have a photo or just think of your lover.
Rubb your index finger with force on to your thumb in a fast maner. This will stimulate the persons clitoris or penis. Then say this spell.

Let her show her love to me
Let her show her desire to me
Nang pa bunang
Pa bunang ali menga-li
Ra-gi pun tun-duk
Ra-ji pun tun-duk
Dengan ber-kat doa aku
Alash Tad Al-Ash Tal Ashtu.

When you say this words of power think of your lover like you was talking straght to it.

If this works you will know.

Do this several times.

In best regards!