How King Paimon Can Help You- An Evocation Guide


I thought I would revive this thread for 2 reasons, because a lot of people found it very helpful and we have had a lot of new members join us since I wrote this and this article is buried several pages now since it’s an older thread, but also because I have something else to share that might offer encouragement to those who are contemplating on working with king Paimon.

He is my spiritual guardian and protector and has been with me since birth. It took many years before I was finally able to get him to admit that, he tried keeping it a secret because he said I wasn’t ready to know about that until just recently, however, Paimon and I have grown to be very close. He keeps me safe and looks outs for my best interests, even if at that current time I don’t want him to interfere, if he knows that I am involved with something or someone that will cause me life problems, loss, legal troubles, or heartache in the future, he will go against my wishes to keep me away from those influences, but later on I am always greatful.

He has chased people away for me that were trying to harm me or take advantage of me and Lucifer has also stepped in quite a few times to help me as well. You may have heard that king Paimon and Lucifer are close, this is true. They work together a lot and have a mutual respect for one another, they are sort of like partners. Lucifer does not oversee or rule over king Paimon, in fact Paimon is like Lucifer’s right hand man if you know what I mean by that.

But if you are thinking of working with either one of these two kings, go for it. There is nothing to be afraid of, they are both very patient with beginners and can teach you things that will help you with your ascension and progress. But if you get close to them, they are excellent teachers and protectors.


So a few months ago I needed some clothes very badly. I’m not one of those fashionista chics so I usually just keep a handful of pants and shirts on hand because I don’t see the point in spending an excessive amount of money on clothing and I am currently saving up for something else that is VERY important to me so I literally only set aside like $60 for new clothes because I am in a strict money saving mode right now but anyway,

Paimon was like “In this era $60 will not be sufficient for new clothing. You will be unable to acquire the amount of clothing that you need for that amount of money.”

So I said, well I am saving up for my house building supplies and I have set a deadline for myself to get it built by no later than winter of 2016 and I don’t wanna spend a ton of money on crap that I need for my body. My house is much more important to me but, my current outfits are getting raggedy and worn out so I do need some new outfits. Can you do some magick for me and help me get some extra orders this month for my online store, that way I will have at least $200 that I can spend on clothing and get a decent wardrobe?

Paimon says “That’s counter productive. Why would I get you extra customers this month so you can spend the additional profit on clothing? You need to be saving. If I get you some extra customers I want you to put that money towards your house, and leave the rest up to me. I will come through for you.”

So then, 3 days later this woman gives my mom like 7 boxes of clothing to donate to the local charity center, because my dad is one of the people who oversees the operations there so our family friends bring all of their donations to us, and we take them to the charity center. The lady that gave us those clothes to donate is like 70 pounds heavier than me, she is not my size at all but get this; she just happened to have several boxes of clothing from a few years ago when she was smaller and was my size, and she saved it all. Everything in those boxes except for a handful of items she had worn lately, was all in my size. Even the bras she gave us were in my size!

So Paimon hooked me up with free clothing, in my size, in colors patterns and styles that I actually like which was strange because this woman is like 51 years old but she just held onto the clothing she hac a few years back and they look like clothing that was made for younger adults. There’s no way I can picture such an older woman wearing anything like that just a few years ago, so it was so cool and strange how that worked out. And normally I only buy a few clothing items at a time because it’s one of those things that we have to have (cuz it’s against the law to walk around nekkid. LOL)

But this was the first time I had ever gotten like 30 tops and several pairs of pants at one time and I didn’t have to pay $500 for all of that at the mall. Many of these items still had the tags on them. But that was cool because I needed that. He helped me get what I needed in a way that allowed me to keep saving my money. So thanks again King Paimon! You rock!


I am holding back on saying anything about my work with King Paimon for now.
However I will certainly have things to share in the future, I’ll create a thread on it probably.

He is so polite, which I really respect. For anyone who does choose to work with him please treat him with the utmost respect. Not necessarily because you may be in grave danger if you don’t, but because he deserves respect.
And I’ve heard people say that demons will sometimes reflect what you project unto them.

He has explicitly told me that he appreciates my great respect for his “Kingship”.

Also he does appreciate offerings made to him.
He likes good wine, and he does like it when you go out of your way to make him a good offering.



Very interesting thread to read! I even see some resemblance to my own life story. I have one question regarding the offerings if you feel like sharing the answer I would be delighted.

What was Paimons actual answer to the question above? I am most curious.

Best of luck with everything


What was Paimons actual answer to the question above? I am most curious.[/quote]

While RavensAscent didn’t say exactly what King Paimon’s response was in this thread.
You may be interested in checking this out:

How Does Making an Offering Actually Work?


Hello Raven, thank you for this detailed post about King Paimon. I have been learning about him alot and i really want to get in contact with him, do you think you will be able to assist me because you seem to be close to him, thank you


How was it that u were able to stare at him and look around without leaving gnosis state? For me as soon as I stop staring at the sigil it all sort of ends.


I dont think your gonna get a reply from um, they haven’t been on since 2015.

The short answer though is practice.


Ahaha I figured that’d be the answer


Yeah slightly longer answer is as you practice more your mind becomes used to going in and out of various states of mind that help with preforming magick.
So you can do more complex rituals as time goes on, multiple evocations of entites in one ritual as one example. Another example involvong raw forces, last week Vine gave me a ritual outline with multiple layers on how it could be done. From a simple sigil charging to full blown evocation.

I tried the deeper layer i outlined which took alot out of me since it involved evoking vine to witness it and 5 different planetary forces into my circle and anchor them onto candles. It can be done but there is no shortcut to it.
Just the results of practice.


That makes a lot of sense. Thanks for all the tips :slightly_smiling_face:


No problem


I actually skim my words and half read it and then laughed when you wrote that King Paimon put a spell so people ‘don’t’ skim the words because I though “Glad I am actually reading this” before I got to that part. :smiley: that was funny! I really like this but I am afraid to do this because I might do it wrong and I might not know what offerings to give him or them, plus I’m very loud and offending but that’s just my personality and it’s very awkward. I mean what can you give him? And if I contact anyone else who would I know if they are a man or woman??? I can’t tell anyone’s gender anymore! It’d ll confusing! I’m not good with people.


You mean what King Paimon wants as an offering?
Well, wine, roses perhaps, a poem perhaps and sweet things that give energy. But you can ask him what he wants. Other than that, you can give him prayers for simpler things and even dedication, etc.


What if I ask him and he doesn’t respond? I have a horrible habit of over thinking it :frowning: When I was next to a boy who I liked(because I thought he was cute and cool but I no longer think that way of him) I saw his school tag ID and he has a ‘J’ for his middle name and I tried to guess it. The first thing in my head popped up was “James” but then I started over thinking it! And then came up with a few other names like “John, Jeffrey, stuff like that” and asked "Is ‘J’ for Jeremiah? And he said no it’s for James…and I was mad because I was right the first time! I’m usually right the first time but I over think it to much and then bump myself out…Right now I’m thinking chocolate is good! But what do afterwards? Do I leave it on the plate till it melts or throw it away? Do I burn it?


Chocolate actually is good. So, you speak to him, present him the offering and you can do as you wish with it. I can’t burn it in my house so I just throw it away. For example, I recently made a poem for Lucifer. I called him, presented it to him and told him that he could take and enjoy the energy of the offering while we were talking and like 5 or 10 more minutes after that. After so, I torn the paper and threw it away because that would symbolise that I made it only for him and no one else would read it. Though he told me that he wanted me to keep a copy of it so I kept a virtual copy. But if you choose to burn it or anything that’s fine, it depends on you.


When I make the offering do I really need to ask for something is it okay to just give them something just because you felt like it? Do I throw away the offering after I am done talking to him or wait a few days?


You can throw it away right away or wait, it depends on you. I personally throw it away when I finish talk with him or 5 minutes later. And yeah, it’s okay to summon them just for an offering.


Is it offending if I offer to more then one of them?


I think so. I mean, it’s better to offer for example a poem to one spirit and another poem to another spirit. Not one poem for two spirits.


Of course! :slight_smile: Thank you! Is there anything else I should know?