How important is the planetary aspect to you?

From the many posts I’ve read on successes or otherwise, I wonder how many of you relate the result to the planetary aspect of the day and hour of your workings.

There are so many fantastic suggestions and descriptions of all kinds on this forum. Thanks to you all by the way for the huge amount of insights and learnings that you have shared to help others.

So how important is it to do the practical work in the correct hour or on the corresponding day for what you want to achieve? Some make no mention of this when writing about their success and I wonder if they paid no notice of this and did what they did anyway when they just felt like doing it.

When someone gets the result they wanted regardless of the time or day (in other words, not even thinking of time or day), did the success come because they just happened by chance to do it at the best time? Same for non-results, did they get no result because they just happened to do it at the wrong time?

I understand that some can be so powerful that they could get the result in any case but in general, is choosing the right time of paramount importance?


Funny synchronicity as I just made a thread asking about the Planets.

I think everything CAN be important and should be looked at, but there is nothing that can not be omitted.


Really awesome question! I myself am working towards incorporating planetary aspects into my work, but not quite there yet. Trying to keep things simple and feeling legit. Evolving towards including planetary seals and hourly correspondences, cycles etc.

Depends on the work obviously.

Anyways good question.


Thanks for your replies Netherman and Rahnoran.

It seems that some see it as a really important consideration and will plan their exercise around the time or day of a particular planet.

Others, perhaps just pile on in regardless yet they could both get their result, which makes me wonder if the ones that don’t consider it important may just ‘luck in’ to a good hour by chance or that their intention etc. was strong enough.


From my experience, it’s irrelevant to results unless the spell or ritual is designed based on the planetary aspect as an element. If it’s up to me, and I’m the one who created the ritual, then I never use it and it seems like it doesn’t have any effect at all.

In my opinion, it’s pure symbolic. But once it’s used as such in any ritual it adds extra power to it based on what it represents.

Sometimes it’s not only about the timing but the spirits of the planets could be evoked in the ritual like any other spirit, in this case timing is important and must be respected or the evocation won’t be successful.

So I think it shouldn’t be a yes-no answer, because it depends on how and why this aspect is used exactly. And based on that you can decide if it’s optional or not.


well said.

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Thank you glad to be helpful :slight_smile:

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That’s really interesting thank you @PrinceX :slightly_smiling_face:

Although after reading and thinking about your reply I’m a little confused.

Do you mean that if a spell directly applies itself (within it’s wording) to a particular planet? As in 'I call on the spirit of… planet…? Then obviously the Lunarium could be used.

Or do you mean for let’s say a love/lust spell, where a planet might not be mentioned in the actual spell so go ahead anytime? Could we ignore the idea of Venus/Friday/Love when it comes to mind?

So if the spell or ritual doesn’t implicitly call for a planet then is it ok to choose either way?

In short, if this is the case (where no planet mentioned in spell) then fire away with the spell anytime it takes your fancy? Is this thinking wrong and do I still misunderstand your answer?

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Thank you :slight_smile:

Yes for both. If the wording of the spell for example mentions planetary element then it should be used. If there is no mention then it’s optional, we can ignore the planetary hours/days etc or let’s say they become optional.

Yes exactly. But keeping in mind that the more elements you add to the spell, the better. If those elements add value to the spell, not just for the sake of adding more. That’s why I prefer to use the word, optional, for the planetary element. Unless it’s part of the spell or ritual by nature or design as you mentioned.


Awesome. Thank you very much @PrinceX :slightly_smiling_face:

I can see how clearly you explained it first time round now and second time round, even more so !! :slightly_smiling_face:

This has shifted something in my understanding to the positive.

Thank you !! :slightly_smiling_face:

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You’re most welcome glad to be helpful :slight_smile:

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Exactly. That’s why I asked this:


Thank you wish I could help but I’m sure someone experienced in astrology will be able to answer your question. Very interesting subject :ok_hand:

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For me using the phases of the Moon and the Lunar mansions and the time and day of the Planets was a huge step for me seeing results.
It helped with working with the Pentacles of Solomon, talismans, amulets and with Planetary Archangels, Intelligences, Spirit/Demons, Olympic Spirits .etc
Personally, understanding and applying the planetary aspects was one of the moments I began to see real undeniable results in my operations.


From my personal experience, it is very beneficial. I’m always seeing people having some of the luckiest times of their life during their Jupiter Return and you can manifest almost anything.
I tried to get back with a man and no spell worked until Jupiter trined my Venus—then things moved pretty fast. You need to know your own horoscope and transits.
I also buy important items on specific dates and had incredible results. I bought a car that was way to expensive for me at the age of 23 (everyone said I will regret it). I drove the car until it had 400,000 km on it LOL and it was one of the best things I ever bought.

That is a huge secret of successful business owners. They set up businesses on specific astrological dates for major success.
There goes a saying:
Millionaires don’t use astrologers
Billionaires do

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Thank you @Erebus and @ysy :slightly_smiling_face:

I am really liking these replies and I am glad you think it is worthy of commenting on.

Because of the effect the Moon has on the oceans, perhaps it should have been more obvious to me that this indeed is a thing to consider, yet it is another huge subject to get an understanding of. And I have never understood anything about astrology.

That’s encouraging and I will read more as I go along.

Hmm… more reading lol. Not sure where to start with that… Oh yeah, the search function - think I’m going to wear that button out soon lol.

I can kind of relate to this as when you really know something is right then it becomes an unshakable thing.

And I am getting heavy hints that the planetary aspect really is something to work with.


I would say, that the expansion of ones practice and works can benefit from investing in knowledge of the alignments, the planetary and lunar/solar passages of time.
Reason being that the universe has energies that amplify works, and when you take a look at this rock we dwell upon and the energies it releases thru mineral crystal veins and geographic relevance- it would make sense to incorporate the other stellar bodies in your energy