How I tore down my targets life - Worse Than Death

Can an entity do all that if so who?? Pazuzu, Glasya-labolas, etc???


that is awesome! would you be down to help me with this same spell on a terrible person, PM ME :slight_smile:


Exactly. If there was any possibility of redemption for that person then teaching them a lesson would be beneficial to them. But if it is someone who knows exactly what they are doing then they deserve the full force of punishment. If there ever was such thing as karma then I think by that law the balance would be satisfied.


@C.Kendall can you pm me?

I don’t know, assuming this actually happened (sorry, naturally skeptical), I hope he really deserved all of that because that is pretty hard core! Where might Confirmation Bias come into this though? Sometimes if people are shitty enough they tend to self-destruct themselves just by dint of their own shittiness…

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Your work is splendid and fascinating :heart_eyes:, those who humble and do evil must pay, while I read your report I put myself in their place and felt the anger being released when you did your ritual, this is a majestic work of art, congratulations!


THIS! i absoloutly agree with you. So well spoken. I want to destroy someone who almost destroyed my sister. Nobody hursts my family and makes them suicidal with grief and misery without paying a hefty price.


Wow Beautiful job :hear_no_evil:
Amazing skills
U r my hero man :smile:

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Well, the op is very inspiring. THANK YOU for sharing it!!! off to ponder

@C.Kendall could you message me? I’m a newbie with a unique situation. Would love to know your thoughts.

@C.Kendall whenever I see your works and posts I keep thinking how your work be published. Your brilliant you provide comfort and courage to those who were not sure of their power in order carry out what needs to be done. From baleful to chakra. Your brilliance is inspiring. Thank you


Wow! It’s like you were talking about me. Well said.

Welcome @Muse. I see you joined us back in February but this is your first post. Please make an introduction in the NEW MAGICIAN AND INTRODUCTIONS area, and tell us about yourself and any experience you may have in magick. It is a rule of this forum.

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I was thinking, that’s brutal, but after i read the stuff he’s done, I want to torture him, he deserved what he got, if I were you, if I saw him I’d be like, “Karmas a butch, ain’t she”.


I agree, but me, I would go full out Jigsaw on people like the guy the O.P. Mentioned.

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@C.Kendall I have become a victim of a very similar attack almost to the t Only thing is I have no idea why this has happened to me. I’ve been trying to undue the harm that was done. But the person is way more advanced in magic than me.

You truly have a gift and you are a gift for all of us. Is there anyway I could take your help in taking a guy off this planet who is more abusive and horrible. I am very new to this and I definitely want to take your help. Can you ping me please.

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Very interesting. I need something like that in my victim’s life, a lying 2 faced bitch who caused extreme damage with her manipulation and forked tongue. Any advise? I did so far a sour jar, tried to summon Glacya Labolas and I did another little spell and ritual and burried her in the cemetery. I want fast results.


Holy hell @C.Kendall remind me to never piss you off.

I am to this point with someone in my life. I think I will be needing your mentorship with it. Though it’s blocker then I have ever gone with my magick.


Nicely done.

Very nice.