How I stayed Consistent with Meditation Even While At Work

Hello guys,

I work as an electrician and I am aslo studying for uni entrance exams, I work a lot of Hours and my program is tight and very spontaneous because of emergency work showing up and etc.
But yes, since the nature of my work is more free than an office job I still pack a workout in, literally putting sockets and do push ups after.
But in the afternoon hours even while in the car, even if still working in the main switch and can’t borrow 30 minutes to stay still.

Here’s what I do:
I use the meditation found in EA’s book of Beelzebub, I think it’s called “invocation of the lord of flies” from the free chapter called “The Black mass of Beelzebub”. Ea used this meditation as a preliminary ritual or warm-up let’s say before the actual black mass. Ea advised to do this without distractions but if they are then simply ignore them, keep humming.

The simple of intonation of the syllable:
You don’t need to be actually loud when you do this or be in a very deep trance, the light alpha state is fine. Chase consistency first then perfect later. Allow yourself to deepen and hum silently, no one needs to hear you or know about your practice. Your sadhana is for you only.

Why I chose this specific meditation and not any other mantra?
Its far easier to simply hum than chant a mantra or incantation for 108 times and frankly when you do your work you can be distracted and lose count or get distracted and do your job badly.
With this you can simply set an hour from now and do it.



This is such a great idea. I struggle with finding time and ways to work in meditations!


Yep, sometimes is hard to fit in a meditation in a job or an activity. Consistency is king.

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