How I Solved the Problem of the Letter "K"

hey, people, how’s it goin’? good, I hope.

here’s a little essay on how I solved the problem of that most trouble some letter, “K”.

a lot of people in to the practice of magic spell the word “magic” with a “K” at the end. they say it’s to differentiate between stage magic and actual magic.

I saw an article a while ago in which it was stated that the reason crowley actually used the letter “K” was because it represented some thing to do with the feminine, though what, I’m not sure exactly.

at any rate, I made up my own letters, I call them “runes” or “runic symbols”. when I made up this alphabet, I got rid of the letter “K” along with the letter “C”. I use the letter “S” for the sibilant sound, and the letter “Q” for the hard “C”, or “K”, sound.

so, if I were to spell the word magic using the traditional amercian, or english, alphabet, it would look like this: majiq. (being that I use the letter “J” in place of the soft “G”, while I kept the letter “G”, but only use the hard letter “G” sound, as in the word “great”. in words like “gin”, I use my “J” runic symbol.)

as to the matter of stage magic versus the practice of actual magic - the context in which the word “magic”, or “majiq”, is used, should make it clear which form of magic to which one is referring, much like the context of any given statement should make it clear what is meant by the word, “bird”, for example. depending on the context, the word “bird” could mean an air plane, a pretty young woman or the actual animal its self.

so any how, that’s how I solved the problem of the letter “K” most trouble some. : )

and it’s also the reason I don’t bother with putting a “K” at the end of the word “magic” - because the context should make it clear what is meant.

so any how, those are my thoughts on this topic. : )

Context works among those of a like mind. However, I’m reminded of a time I told someone I practiced magik, and she asked me to do a trick for her, lol. That’s one of the reasons I mostly keep things close to the vest these days. For me, using a “k” is more of a sign of respect for the art.

qwyzl, write some books and do a website and get your ideas out there mate! :slight_smile:

I do think we’re in desperate need of new words for this stuff, new words for things like “demon” especially that have fallen into common use to mean evil, disruptive, hateful etc… “Famous guy who died because he couldn’t control his inner demons” kinda thing.

I like the K because of the reasons chef 1964 stated, also, to me it stands in for Kenaz, the Rune of knowledge etc., but yeah IMO a new lexicon is sorely needed, I’ve done my best with theogenesis and concepts like the “kitty box” but what they describe is probably a bit of a fringe area, even within magick.