How I Made a Wicked Batch of Goofer Dust

Gather graveyard dirt in a large jar, be sure to explain your situation to the spirits, as they are there, believe me! Always near the headstone too. Be sure to thank the spirit and leave something of value to you behind, making sure to smooth out the dirt, so it appears undisturbed when you leave, thank the spirit again.
You will need the skin of a venomous snake. I used the skin of an Arabian sand viper, rattlesnake can be used it just has to be venomous. Grind it up.
Gather dead wasps, scorpions if possible, stinging centipedes, black widows, brown recluse, anything with a nasty sting, or bite.
One piece of animal bone, ground up.
Sulphur powder
Black peppercorns ground
Ground tormentilla root, ground vandal root.
Mix well, using gloves and wear a mask, do not get any on you!
What I do with mine, is I have an area in my backyard where my pets ( all vicious protectors lol) that have passed on, are buried. I bury the jar deep in the earth where they are buried for 9 days. Then dig it up, and charge it for its intended purpose.
Then it is ready for use.
One of the ways I like to use it- and remember to wear gloves! Is I sprinkle some on the driver’s side door handle of target’s car. Also you can sprinkle it where they pick up their morning paper. Making sure it doesn’t come in contact with unintended person. Be safe!


This is disgusting lol. I have been trying to fix my mind to grind a Japanese beetle and im just repulsed.

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A Japanese beetle, really? Not so repulsive if you dry them out first lolz

…the thought of turning those huge eyeballs to dust.
A bowl of green dust. They smell aweful.
If repulsion plays a part in intention this will be some of the strongest dust ever made :neutral_face:

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Thanks for sharing your recipe! I typically use nightshade or hemlock in mine since they just grow wild out here. Pretty powerful especially for DUME as well.

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You can use any baneful herb in it, I have one of those growing in my garden

Shaman.Lol Amadeus teaching you them tricks?