How I got some money quite fast

Hello everyone I’m just here giving my experience with this thing, wich I’ll firstly explain the situation of :

As I was going to travel in a few days and having a lot of projects that where and still are asking for money (not a bit).
Notsure of having enough money for all of that I searched on this forum for any kind of spell/manifestation that could help at least for a quick fix.

So I came across this meditation :

I did it and after Three days my father asked me out of nowhere if I needed some money and even tho I said I don’t needed but it would be welcome to lighten my expense, therefore he replied “how much” of course I knew I could get more than what I asked but it’s common sense that I’m not abusing of anykind of generosity, I said " between 100-200 bucks would be plenty more than enough" and that’s how I ended up with 200 bucks.

So yeah really good stuff to manifest quick money for small fixes
I hope my experience helped you and that if you try it you’ll have at least similar end results !


Thank you for sharing :slight_smile:

You’re welcome ! :smile:

Thank you !
I might try that :slightly_smiling_face:

You’re welcome as well !
May it bring any form of abundance or money as you wish for ! :relaxed:


Thanks for sharing

De nada ! :hugs:

Small update : during the next two weeks after that meditation I had three others unexpected source of income for a total of 400 bucks and a new subtotal of 600 wich was way much more than what I expected.

I really hope it was as much helpfull for anyone who tried it !


This is wonderful!

i cannot open the link sir, it say database eror

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apparently the website itself is not working. I found his you tube channel,

Look there you might find. Personally, I have not yet encountered this type of metidation. If I find it, I’ll pass it on to you for sure :+1:

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Try this one

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ok i’ll try this one sir

thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

It work just fine with me, the problem must have been resolved now !
May you manifest whatever will improve your life on the long term and a bit on the sort side with this one !

To add the other ritual that helped me and this time on the long term money wise it’s :
The ritual of Secret Money from the book “Magikal Riches” from Damon Brand

With this ritual I saw slowly over time an increase of money flowing toward me
I also often get opportunities but I often dismiss them by lack of knowledge on the subject of said “opportunities”

I still take notes of them for later
nonetheless I can safely assure that it doubled my passive income so far(wich was really not crazy but damn is it a relief ! :relaxed:)
And yes I do it at least one month after the first nine days.

“You don’t work how do you have the money for that ?”
Me : “Ah Ah! honestly I’m just lucky wink wink

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I found that after completing twelve cycles of the Master Money ritual, my overall wealth increased dramatically (I did 12 as 18 months ago I had a lot of debts). Secret source of money is one I have not really used from that book properly and aim to revisit it.


As I’m currently studying and not doing some kind of part job or elaborating a source of revenue, I though that secret source of money would be the best choice for now that would give me a lot of opportunities(that once again I took notes of), but I plan to start some kind of buisness later the year so, I’ll probably start doing more adapted ritual for that.

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